What are the best Java social networking frameworks? [closed]

I would like to create a private customized social networking for my company employees and partners so that they can collaborate, exchange messages, share experiences (events, book references, etc) and be grouped into communities. Does anybody know good Java framework for start developing this?

I would be looking for something that would contain basic components such as Profile, Friend List, Community, Events, Messages, etc. Each of this component could be extended to implement domain specific features. It would be nice if it also supports OpenSocial.

Asked by: John738 | Posted: 23-01-2022

Answer 1

Shindig is in incubation at Apache :

YouTube Link About Shindig :

A List of Open Source Social Networking >Applications< Written in Java: http://www.manageability.org/blog/stuff/java-open-source-social-network

Answered by: Julia352 | Posted: 24-02-2022

Answer 2

Collective Intelligence in Action could be helpful if you also like to leverage the data gathered in your social web application.

Answered by: Miranda642 | Posted: 24-02-2022

Answer 3

Checkout Spring Social


Answered by: Julian473 | Posted: 24-02-2022

Answer 4

I 'v built my own social networking features such as creating group adding people to group, friends list, messages, events, comments, blogs and etc. If anyone is interested I can only provid you with the jar and the list of the rest of techs that you have to use with these features to work. If you like to add your own business features on top then there are loads of solutions I can guide you through...

Regards, Ash

Answered by: Anna177 | Posted: 24-02-2022

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