Unsupported protocol: jndi with Websphere 6.1 when trying to access a file as a resource

I have the problem, that getting a ressource from my archive failed with a MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: jndi

The archive is a war file and is deployed into Websphere successfully.

When I try to access some files inside the archive via


I get the MalformedURLException.

Asked by: Kimberly282 | Posted: 23-01-2022

Answer 1

URLs with the "jndi" scheme are returned by the ServletContext#getResource method in Tomcat. However, this is non standard (i.e. the J2EE specs don't impose a URL scheme to be used in the return value of that method) and on other application servers it will be different. Always use the ServletContext#getResource method instead of trying to compose the URL directly.

Answered by: Maya889 | Posted: 24-02-2022

Answer 2

Unless you registered a custom URL handler, "jndi" is not a supported protocol.

Are you trying to read the file through Java code?

Answered by: Paul987 | Posted: 24-02-2022

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