How do I analyze a .hprof file?

I have a production server running with the following flag: -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError

Last night it generated a java-38942.hprof file when our server encountered a heap error. It turns out that the developers of the system knew of the flag but no way to get any useful information from it.

Any ideas?

Asked by: Kelsey899 | Posted: 21-01-2022

Answer 1

If you want a fairly advanced tool to do some serious poking around, look at the Memory Analyzer project at Eclipse, contributed to them by SAP.

Some of what you can do is mind-blowingly good for finding memory leaks etc -- including running a form of limited SQL (OQL) against the in-memory objects, i.e.

SELECT toString(firstName) FROM com.yourcompany.somepackage.User

Totally brilliant.

Answered by: Andrew335 | Posted: 22-02-2022

Answer 2

You can use JHAT, The Java Heap Analysis Tool provided by default with the JDK. It's command line but starts a web server/browser you use to examine the memory. Not the most user friendly, but at least it's already installed most places you'll go. A very useful view is the "heap histogram" link at the very bottom.

ex: jhat -port 7401 -J-Xmx4G dump.hprof

jhat can execute OQL "these days" as well (bottom link "execute OQL")

Answered by: William521 | Posted: 22-02-2022

Answer 3

You can also use HeapWalker from the Netbeans Profiler or the Visual VM stand-alone tool. Visual VM is a good alternative to JHAT as it is stand alone, but is much easier to use than JHAT.

You need Java 6+ to fully use Visual VM.

Answered by: Kelsey727 | Posted: 22-02-2022

Answer 4

Just get the Eclipse Memory Analyzer. There's nothing better out there and it's free.

JHAT is only usable for "toy applications"

Answered by: Fiona421 | Posted: 22-02-2022

Answer 5

I personally prefer VisualVM. One of the features I like in VisualVM is heap dump comparison. When you are doing a heap dump analysis there are various ways to go about figuring out what caused the crash. One of the ways I have found useful is doing a comparison of healthy vs unhealthy heap dumps.

Following are the steps you can follow for it :

  1. Getting a heap dump of OutOfMemoryError let's call it "oome.hprof". You can get this via JVM parameter HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError.
  2. Restart the application let it run for a bit (minutes/hours) depending on your application. Get another heap dump while the application is still running. Let's call it "healthy.hprof".
  3. You can open both these dumps in VisualVM and do a heap dump comparison. You can do it on class or package level. This can often point you into the direction of the issue.

link :

Answered by: Daryl343 | Posted: 22-02-2022

Answer 6

YourKit Java Profiler seems to handle them too.

Answered by: Max829 | Posted: 22-02-2022

Answer 7

If you want to do a custom analysis of your heapdump then there's:

This library is fast but you will need to write your analysis code in Java.

From the docs:

  • Does not create any temporary files on disk to process heap dump
  • Can work directly GZ compressed heap dumps
  • HeapPath notation

Answered by: Catherine342 | Posted: 22-02-2022

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