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Insert Image into Excel - Java

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Java Application Architecture Guide

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Optimize memory usage of a collection of Strings in Java

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A quick way to solve

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Eclipse 3.4.2 compiling Java 1.6 on Mac OSX

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Array or List in Java. Which is faster?

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Java Keylistener without window being open?

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Hibernate, iBatis, Java EE or other Java ORM tool

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java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.util.Properties.load (huh? why?)

Get mode value in java

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Java Command line arguments

Java serialization over network

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Java (Swing) - Drag two windows at once

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Java: HTTP Post to create new "Product" in a Ruby on Rails application

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java - Using dependency injection in a library

java - How do I pass a variable from one Thread Group to another in JMeter

active directory - Detect user logged on a computer using Java

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java - design of a Producer/Consumer app

Character Encoding Trouble - Java

Java and MySQL date problem

connecting to database through network using java application

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java - Applets and JDBC

uniqueidentifier in Sql Server database - how to generate in Java environment?

c# - Renaming files the same way again and again

java - Using NIO DatagramChannel will I need to handle partially read/written packets?

Does Java's floating point implementation still have the problems identified by Kahan?

java - Process the file before uploading it

java - Implementing a matrix, which is more efficient - using an Array of Arrays (2D) or a 1D array?

java swing program with multi lingual support

java - In Documentum 6.5 my TBO's are being triggered even when the document is a template

java exception chaining question

java - Please confirm that this XMPP code is not threadsafe

Calling a default servlet first in Java web application

java - Shape at "Actual Size"

java - Best method to create a new instance based on precondition

What is faster- Java or C# (or good old C)?

java - Handling logins to a XMPP server via servlets

java - How to best execute a set of methods even if an exception happens

java - XML for Web Service: inline attachment

java - JTable - drag and drop

swing - Java Event Binding

Tool to remove unnecessary dependencies in a Java project

Gets byte array from a ByteBuffer in java

java - How to share log4j library most effectively

java - Comparing elements in a generic list

java - Class Cast Exception when trying to unmarshall xml?

java - Running a JUnit test from Groovy Console

java - Annotation member which holds other annotations?

java - How to get correct encoding?

Java Annotations not working

math - Does an open-ended interval implementation exist for Java?

add xml:base to xml file in java

Regarding HotSpot optimization in Java

regex - ANTLR Grammar for Java Regular Expression syntax

java - JSF: Backing Beans with nested objects?

overloading - Java Overloaded Methods

c# - Synchronizing on shared data structure

In eclipse for java Is there anything like Visual Studio Custom Debugger Visualizers

java - Documentation not visible in Javadoc

hex viewer/editor GUI component for Java Swing?

stop while statment with messagebox java

java - Unhandled exception on trying to create JAXBContext (Jaxb 2.0)

Java Main Method, Good Coding Style

What's the equivalent of C's "static" keyword in Java?

java - Model View synchronisation (or avoiding synchronisation)

google maps - GoogleMaps API in Java

java - Can I from a client detect which EJBs the current user is authorized to use?

Adding an image to a panel using Java AWT

java - PriorityQueue/Heap Update

security - Sandboxing Java / Groovy / Freemarker Code - Preventing execution of specific methods

Best resources for a Java developer working on .NET solutions

flash - SWFUpload Examples/Information and Java

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java - Running Ant with JDK 1.6 on Mac OS X

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java - How do I copy a two dimensional array of strings?

java - Simple portlet jsp page flow question

What is the default scope of a method in Java?

java - Cannot Serialize/Deserialize ArrayList

Java embedded applet page security, how to meet requirements?

java - struts2 <s:select...> tag

What's an example of Java functionality that I could add to a JRuby/Rails project?

generics - Java field type for a value of a generically recursive self-type?

unix timestamp - Getting "unixtime" in Java

java - The simplest way to comma-delimit a list?

java - Ensuring method is called

java - How to capture the result of a system call in a shell variable?

java - How to handle translation of UI widgets in a massive project?

java - how can i fetch combo box value into my DAO using struts 2?

automation - In Java, what command line makes the computer click on the screen?

java - Partial bean serialization and deserialization+merging

How can I open a file using java stored procedure

clr - Problems porting Java to J#

in Java: programmatically determining addresses of C/C++ variables given a COFF/ELF/DWARF executable

java - JSF 1.2 Custom Component - Body Content From Backing Bean

java - Creating multiple log files of different content with log4j

java - EJB and FLEX

java - How to convert a 3D point into 2D perspective projection?

java - Why wont my JFrame hide?

java - Objects of session and request

java - Can't find ports with javax.comm api

java - How to display data from txt file in specific format

objective c - What's the best way to implement a Java-like ByteBuffer in Obj-C?

layout - Working with frames and Java AWT

java - Anonymous vs named inner classes? - best practices?

algorithm - Lossless JPEG Rotate (90/180/270 degrees) in Java?

java - memcached Monitoring

java - External javascript character encoding on Webshpere

java - UTF-8 and Servlets on Tomcat/Linux

reference - Should Java method arguments be used to return multiple values?

java - Can I dynamically unload and reload (other versions of the same) JAR?

Android java.lang.VerifyError?

java - <?> vs <T>

regex - What is the best way to screen scrape poorly formed XHTML pages for a java app

java - Which approach is better to load a JDBC driver?

sql - Using a UUID as a Database Primary Key, Java type is a byte[]

Java Webservice and .NET client dropping DateTime objects

java - How to use Ant?

java - Generating Jena Bnode IDs

networking - How to measure response-time of network using Java?

java - display series of images with next button

java - Fetching webpages through https

java - Equivalent of LastCall.IgnoreArguments in EasyMock

web applications - Java Memcached Client

jvm - Preloading java classes/libraries at jar startup?

multithreading - Is a Java socket's PrintWriter thread safe?

java - Regular expression for excluding special characters

HTTP URL Address Encoding in Java

audio - playing wav file in java - how do I extend or concatenate the sound played?

javax vs java package

java - Eclipse Servlets take a long time to update

security - Storing username/password on Mac using Java

java - Exposing a function to other processes

java - "SAX2 driver class org.apache.crimson.parser.XMLReaderImpl not found" when using Batik in a webapp on Tomcat

In a Java interface, how can I *not* use one particular method inherited from a parent interface?

java - Using Excel templates with Apache POI

Polymorphism or Inheritance in JSON with Java and Ruby

serialization - Java StreamCorruptedException

java - Would you consider Terracotta to be a mature product?

java - Can an include file call a function from another include file?

How can we open multiple IE instances while testing web appl. with selenium RC and java in eclipse?

java - Create a single jbossall-client.jar bundle in JBoss 5.0.x?

java - Terracotta + Compass = Hibernate + HSQLDB + JMS?

java - Message Driven Bean Selectors (JMS)

java - Regarding Terracotta and Servlets/ Shared Threads

java - Android MediaPlayer URL's with Cookie

cocoa - MVC and Java in comparison with more strict MVC languages

java - FindBugs filter file for ignoring JUnit tests

java - Use GZIP, JSON responses and JQuery

Java XML parsing

java - Where is the servlet jar file on JBoss 5.0.1?

python - Django admin style application for Java

java - Issue with Jama's Eigenvalue decomposition function

Initialize final variable before constructor in Java

java - How do I throw an Exception from the caller's scope?

java - Launching a desktop application from a web site

java - Hibernate : Best way to delete elements in a collection

java - How do I get dbunit to play nice with MySQL enum data types?

java - SWT Syntax highlighting widget

Is there any square root function more accurate than java.lang.Math.sqrt(double)

java - Class in buildpath-jar still not found

java - Writing long test method names to describe tests vs using in code documentation

java - What to pass to the Arrays instance method toArray(T[] a) method?

java - Joining Information Across DB2 and Oracle Databases Best Practices

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java - Blocking Graphics.drawImage

sql - Java -- Exception must be thrown, but how?

How to make a Java client for a WCF service secured with X.509?

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How do I convert a decimal fraction to binary in Java?

python - Preserving the Java-type of an object when passing it from Java to Jython

profiling - How to compute accurately the time it takes a Java program to write or read a file?

How can I check if I have that java 6 plugin 2 for applets installed?

java - Swing component prints text differently than it displays it

Is there an existing library method that checks if a String is all upper case or lower case in Java?

How to override a java method from groovy

java - How can I read files in my WEB-INF directory?

arrays - Best way to store Country codes, names, and Continent in Java

java - Entitymanager causing memory leak?

java - Restricting a SELECT statement in SQL Server 2005

java - Managing multiple Google Web Toolkit pages in 1 Project

Java annotations

Hierarchy & data structure in Java (or XML to Object conversion: best practices)

java - Tools for coding conventions and analyzing HTML, CSS, Javascript client side code

java - No response in Eclipse: File ->Import->Existing Projects into Workspace

Java:Why http session is not destroyed when tab or browser is closed?

Concurrent file write in Java on Windows

java - Eclipse keeps running my old web application

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java - kodo/jdo/FatalInternalException?

java - Synchronizing Jena OntModels with bnodes

Where can I find a set of Java test programs with injected errors?

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Rhino: restrict Java packages that can be accessed from JavaScript

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java - Server and Client using Sockets

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C# client connecting to a Java server over SSL

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How to walk through Java class resources?

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Can java call a script to restart java in solaris?

java - Setting the mouse cursor for a particular JTable cell

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exception - Java BrowserLauncher throwing InvocationTargetException

java - jgoodies bindings + indirect changes

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what happens in a java jvm executing legacy code, which was invalidated by a language change

java - Make URL Request from Servlet and retain Header information

build process - Handling different API versions in same Java source

Knowing C++, how long does it take to learn Java?

java - How do I use generics with an array of Classes?

java - F5 irule with RESTful services

java - How to link to a package but only optionally execute an action based on existence/availability of package at runtime?

java - Why is this simple applet using up >50% of my CPU?

java - Find if an SQLException was thrown because of a duplicate

java - What jar should I include to use javax.persistence package in a hibernate based application?

java Swing debugging headaches with Wacom pen tablet

How to use PEM file to create a SSL socket in Java?

How to obtain a Java stack trace from a client running under web start?

programming languages - Why does Java main() method accept an array of String args?

htmlunit - Java Object "cannot be dereferenced"

multithreading - `Monitor cpu usage per thread in java?

java - Regular expression to match strings enclosed in square brackets or double quotes

java - implementing interfaces after the fact

java - How long is the request queue on a Vista-system?

java - Reset/remove a border in Swing

java - Should I use DataInputStream or BufferedInputStream

client - Server disconnects in Java

Java UrlConnection HTTP 1.0

java - Is there any alternative to JTable, that is free and better?

java - Refactoring classes that use global variables

datagram - Is this statement correct in java?

java - jdbc connection using thin driver

c# - What language do I use for my project?

jdbc - MYSQL & Java Applet

java - Using AesCryptoServiceProvider in VB.NET

java - How to get the next hub

java - "Spotlight" like component for Swing?

Creating a "logical exclusive or" operator in Java

java - Two-way relation in JPA

Do .NET GUI components support HTML (like Java swing does)?

linux - How to "walk around" in the File System with Java

java - Multiple Footer Rows in a JSF dataTable

Persist java.util.Properties as serialized object using JDO/DataNucleus

monitoring - Get heap dump from a remote application in Java using JVisualVM

java - Does the Sun JVM slow down when more memory is allocated via -Xmx?

java - How can you alter the margins in Nimbus Look and Feel

How can I unblock from a Java started process?

java - jsp get ip address

java - How to override method to invoke superclass' superclass method?

java - Strange behaviour when accessing Oracle 8i table from servlet

process - How can I re-spawn a thrift server in java after an exception?

Java Netscape LDAP Delete

logging - How to get java Logger output to file by default

java - Create Weak Multimap with Google Collections

java - Why doesn't my Ant master build file work properly?

how to access a mySQL enum field with Java ResultSet and PreparedStatement

Java Applet starts up very slowly for some users?

java - Is it good to use printStackTrace() in swing program?

java - How to display japanese characters in JTextArea

types - Convert a double to a String in Java and vice versa without losing accuracy

java - How to efficiently unpublish all datas from a particular user on a blogging application?

inheritance - Java composition question

java - How to implement generic test for RMI connection, J2EE services?

SSL socket php code needs to be converted to Java

How to embed java application into a jsp page

.net - Which SOAP XML object serialization library for Java would you recommend?

What is the memory overhead of an object in Java?

java - How can I enclose a component with another container at runtime?

Is it possible to add more than 500 components to a panel at runtime in Java?

Good Java community and resource

user interface - How can I create a Java Swing app that covers the Windows Title bar?

How do you open web pages in Java?

xml - Java: Traversed Tree to Tree

Rails flash messages in Java

java - xmlbeans - set content of a complex type

java - In the JDK 1.6 compiler, what does "-source 1.6" enable, if anything?

java - generate all 3*3 two dimentional arrays

java - Why is the Sybase JDBC driver "eating" the exceptions?

java - Getting Ant <javac> to recognise a classpath

java - Spring MVC web app i18n

Date arithmetic in Java, adding 3 months from today

java - How to fix a Resource not Found error in OC4J?

java - Classpath validation in ant

debugging - How do I retrieve the name of the lowest subclass from the context of the superclass in Java?

java - How to determine if a file will be logically moved or physically moved

java - what is the easiest way to convert / map a JSON string to a javabean?

tomcat - Detect user logged on a computer using Java web app

java - Since today, I cannot access netscape.javascript.* classes within Eclipse

jsp - What do I need to learn to build a web app in Java?

java - How to convert an ArrayList containing Integers to primitive int array?

Porting a comparator from C# to Java