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Signal processing library in Java?

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Generic classes in Java (type-safely) depending on each other

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Executing a Java application in a separate process

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Where are java classes stored in Oracle?

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What are some Java memory management best practices?

Using ServletOutputStream to write very large files in a Java servlet without memory issues

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C++ Parser/Model for Java

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ASP.NET/IIS equivalent of Java/WAS context-root

Java Robot createScreenCapture performance

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Build and Version Numbering for Java Projects (ant, cvs, hudson)

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regex - Regular Expression (Java)

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Java heap space in netbeans.. but I've increased the heap size already!

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What is an open source Java project I could contribute to?

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How can I tell if a Java integer is null?

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Identifying 2 same images using Java

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Java generics for policy as alternative to passing policy in constructor

Java array: direct access to component in array

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OpenGL, Java and memory management

Converting a Java collection into a Scala collection

Get html file Java

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What data structure is most suitable for implementing a 2-D array in Java?

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How does vector graphics performance in Java compare to Flash?

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Guaranteeing that a .NET WCF Service can be consumed by a Java client

How do I unify logging formats from the java stack

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How can I find repeated characters with a regex in Java?

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Which do you prefer: Java Web Start, or Java Applets?

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Why is Java's GUI platform named "Swing?"

Establishing communication between Java client and .NET server

java - All keys to a list, for example VK_A..Z for user to select

GUI, java, SWT and world map representation

How to assign a String from a text file into integer array for Java?

java - How can I implement my LayoutManager without instanceOf?

exception - java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table

java - How to get the Join of Two One to Many associations?

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How to set up Java to use user specific certificates for Eclipse?

java - Any suggestions on how to session proof a website?

java - Scala equivalent of new HashSet(Collection)

java - Is there a way to increase virtual memory in an application started from NetBeans?

jar - How to repack an Java Web Archive (WAR)?

What is your preferred scripting language in java world (scripting language on JVM) and way?

java - Troubleshooting: JDialog which is modal and yet not modal?

Calling a Java method with the implicit Graphics parameter, like repaint() or accessing the Graphics in a JPanel

java - Hibernate Core daily/weekly build Maven repository

Are there any open source command line tools to refactor java code?

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operating system - Is it possible to code a device driver in Java?

java - JMS alternative? something for decoupling sending emails from http reqs

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In Java, are enum types inside a class static?

Configuring sockets to use small packets in Java

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java - EJB vs Hibernate

java - JUnit tests for POJOs

How do I test the availability of the internet in Java?

java - UnknownHostException while redirecting queries to google and getting results in JSon object

JAXB gives me: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: is parameter must not be null

java - Does Hibernate EntityManager include Core?

Java SOAP Server that can be deployed in Tomcat, JBoss, Geronimo, etc. etc. etc

java - implementing a "window manager" for HTML in a JSP custom tag

sql - Writing Simple and Efficient Database Custom ORM Code in Java

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Are there any Java Frameworks for binary file parsing?

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Best way to consume .NET web services in Java

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Type aliases for Java generics

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Possible to connect to Outlook WebMail via Java?

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Converting a Bidimensional Array (Numbers) Into A Dimensional Array and Viceversa on Java

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What Tools Exist that let me Dump and Recreate a Database from Java?

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Passing several parameters as a single parameter in Java

How to copy Java Collections list

java - How to format a variable of double type

In Java, why can't I declare a final member (w/o initializing it) in the parent class and set its value in the subclass? How can I work around?

CSV file validation with Java

java - Abstract Inheritance and Generics (with playing cards)

java - Apache fop-0.95 error on FopFactory.newInstance() command

Best Way to Launch External Process from Java Web-Service?

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A good bank of recursion solutions in C/C++/Java/C#

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Good TCP connection library for Java?

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Query for system (not JVM) uptime in Java

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How can I use Java to communicate to device through USB port?

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Arbitrary Java enum argument

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What's the most concise / best way to write this java code?

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java - Is it possible to have Castor marshal/unmarshal an EnumMap?

java - Why am I getting a NullPointerException when trying to read a file?

compiler construction - How can I find the target Java version for a compiled class?

java - How best to search binary data for variable length bit strings?

java - Eclipse 3.4 and Jboss deployment issue:

java - Android: Regaining focus using SurfaceView

What is the best way to monitor (java) process deaths on a Windows box?

java - Capture JSP output, save to file

localization - Is there an elegant way to convert ISO 639-2 (3 letter) language codes to Java Locales?

java - How to link lwjgl dll with launch4j

applet - Draw Gaussian curve in Java

java - Hibernate: Retrieve rows that are not joined

Uses for the Java Void Reference Type?

java - Of Swing and AWT, why is one considered light-weight and the other heavy-weight?

java - Javac flag to disallow raw types?

c# - Automatic generation of Unit test cases for .NET and Java

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java - Generic wildcards in variable declarations in Scala

How to avoid ambiguity when calling Java from Matlab?

c# - content not allowed in prolog exception

Is Java too complex a programming language for a beginner one man programming team?

Help with a RecordStore Update problem in java j2me?

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java - Eclipse Extensions and Declarative Services

How to access domain classes from src/java in GRAILS?

Does anyone know how to extract a date from a record in java?

unit testing - What is the "right" way to test the output of Java methods?

java - How to get an InputStream from a BufferedImage?

java - How can I follow and fully report on a chain of symlinks?

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java - Calling a Remote Bean vs Local Bean in App Server

Switching from .NET to Java?

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java - Creating a custom Hibernate UserType: find out the current entity table name

java - How to prevent application freeze if server unavailable?

java - Eclipse Plugin Fragment

Executing Java programs through Python

java - How do I specify host and port when accessing a web service from JAX-WS-generated code?

xml - XSLT/Java: ERROR: 'Cannot find external method 'max' (must be public).'

java - How to integrate BIRT with Python

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java - Hibernate not reflecting changes

CSS Parser in ColdFusion or Java?

java - Random Number Generator

jvm - What does it mean that Squeak runs "bit-identically" across platforms, in a way Java doesn't?

web applications - How can I profile a very large Java webapp?

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How can I make java.text.NumberFormat format 0.0d as “0” and not “+0”?

Java array problems

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utf 8 - Converting UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 in Java - how to keep it as single byte

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bit manipulation - In Java, when using bitshifts, why does 1 << 32 != 1 << 31 << 1?

lisp - How do I make a Java class immutable in Clojure?

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java - I want to upload .csv file To servlet and parse it, but dont know how to open uploaded file

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Simple Java Date Calculations

Java dynamic binding

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java - Howto design for extension

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How can I execute a PHP script from Java?

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What is the fastest way to find out how many non-empty lines are in a file, using Java?

Equivalent of IllegalArgumentException of Java in C++

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