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Java port of Hash by Jenkins

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.NET, Java to JavaScript compiler

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How to embed a mini-console within a Java app?

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Implement Mixin In Java?

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Java Swing packs the window wrong

java servlet error package doesnot exists

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Question about Java enums

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user interface - Calling this from inside a nested Java ActionListener

In Java when one interface extends another, why would one redeclare a method in a subinterface?

Why aren't op-assign operators type safe in java?

How to get all dates of sundays in a particular year in Java?

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How to atomically rename a file in Java, even if the dest file already exists?

java - How can a software company support developer community?

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Newline character insertion in Java

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Sort a single String in Java

How can I access preferred applications from Java running on Linux?

PDF to text tool or Java library?

Stop bash script if unchecked Java Exception is thrown

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Java/Swing stack overflow in preferenceChanged method

Is it possible to set an environment variable at runtime from Java?

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How do I fix this Java generics wildcard error?

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java - Where do I start to write/use a 3D physics simulation engine?

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Java keeps lock on files for no apparent reason

How to use Java timezone id in a Windows (non-Java) application?

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java - Nonblocking algorithm to generate unique negative numbers

Where to start? Java application with multiple front ends

serialization - Does it matter what I choose for serialVersionUID when extending Serializable classes in Java?

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java - Setting JFreeChart / Cewolf X Axis Interval

java - getClass() and static methods: What is the best practice?

java - Why are my Log4j log file timestamps out of order, and how do I fix it?

Java TCP Socket Sniffing

c# - How to handle properties with dynamic defaults

java - How can multiple webapps in the same tomcat instance share database connection pool?

How would you code an efficient Circular Buffer in Java or C#?

Consuming .NET webservice in Java (metro) - XMLNode/XMLDocument consumption?

Assistance Needed with Java Colt Matrix Package

java - How do i get all Sunday dates in a particular year?

java - Piecemeal Conversion from Struts to Tapestry 5

Java JLabel - add a unique identifier

Does Java pass by reference?

java - JPA reserved keywords to postgres

java - Get file name from URL

java - Static methods or Singletons performance-wise (Android)?

Sending RTP using Java

Is there any free java open source application that can monitor website status?

java - Wildcards and generics error

How can I port this Java code to C#?

PowerBuilder for a Java programmer?

java - BIRT Formatting Legend of a bar chart


Generic method in Java without generic argument

java - Hibernate not respecting MySQL auto_increment primary key field

java - Why does an SWT Composite sometimes require a call to resize() to layout correctly?

coding style - Java PMD warning on non-transient class member

Free Native Launcher For Java At Linux and Mac

java - protected/public Inner Classes

java - Why choose Buckminster over Maven?

java - Rotate a Swing JLabel

exit the batch file after running using java

java - C# on Linux - Anyone got an opinion based on experience using mono?

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java - how to handle browser closing event in servlets

nio - What are some tips for processing large files in Java

2d - How to create a tiled map in Java?

java.util.logging.Logger and log4j

java - How to put the content of a ByteBuffer into an OutputStream?

java - Configuring IntelliJ IDEA to create main class for new projects

memory management - Tell Java not to push an object into swap space

java - Android homescreen shortcut permission error

image - How do I properly load a BufferedImage in java?

Java EE security - application clients

java - Selenium click() event seems not to be always triggered => results in timeout?

java - Do you know a free or open source website spell-checker?

command to close the batch file in java

swing - How to make JTextField expand with a BorderLayout (Java)

java - What's the best way to get rid of nested ifs in code while checking for conditions?

java - toolkit & methods for extracting text bounds in 'searchable pdf'

What ec2 image (ami) do you recommend for working with java 5, jboss, mysql, apache?

java - Finding prime numbers with the Sieve of Eratosthenes (Originally: Is there a better way to prepare this array?)

java - Changing struts-rest idParameterName per action class

What is best practice for serializing Java enums to XML?

"cannot find symbol method drawImage(java.awt.image.BufferedImage,<nulltype>,int,int)"

java - How can I ignore DTD validation but keep the Doctype when writing an XML file?

java - How can I suppress warnings (codebase-wide) during javadoc compilation?

rmi - How can I implement my security policy in java program itself

java - Should the context attributes in web application being made thread-safe?

c# - Is a finally block without a catch block a java anti-pattern?

java - Strange syntax for instantiating an inner class

java - Referencing an external library in an Ant build

How to calculate the difference between two Java java.sql.Timestamps?

Practical side of the ability to define a class within an interface in Java?

java - boolean[] vs. BitSet: Which is more efficient?

java - How can I improve my junit tests

Read pdf uploadstream one page at a time with java

Java and GNU gettext for internationalization

java - Putting Spring integration tests in different classes and packages

java - How Can I Add the Apache POI Library in and Eclipse Project?

deployment - How do you manage embedded configuration files and libraries in java webapps?

java - JAXB XML output format questions

java - Best Practice Updating DB Records

java - How to match SOAP responses to the schema

java - log4j extra logging arguments

java - Can a signed Jar be run as an executable?

java - fo:data-cell overflow

apache flex - Does AS3 have a similar class to Java's NumberFormat

class - Why can't java find my method?

Java Constructors

java - how to run the batch file from any folder

performance - Java switch cases: with or without braces?

foreach - Understanding for each loop in Java

apache - How to read Java properties file from a JAAS LoginModule

java - Best way to upload multiple files from a browser

java - Best practice for ignoring year in date for date ranges

What is the difference between i+=d and i=i+d in Java?

java - Where can I find a list of all HQL keywords?

fonts - TrueType parsing in Java?

java - Can I use JNDI to access FIles/their content?

java - What is Serialization?

java - Is it possible to create a Calendar object like Tue Mar 03 13:43:00 (without time zone)?

java - What DI/IoC framework should I learn next?

java - Why do my Swing application windows intermittently not close when the application exits?

java - Another way to solve the Dining Philosopher (need a point in the right direction)

Start timers in Java

java - How to output a string attribute on an object that may be be null

java - Setting catalina.policy to allow file access by servlets

java - Anyone using JavaSpaces technology?

xml - Java DomImplementationLS

java - Does between in HQL compare strictly or not?

user interface - Tracking OS-level window events in Java

core - problem reading serialport java

upload - Java Applet Permissions

optimization - Anyone know of a java.util.Map implementation optimized for low memory use?

java - Where do you put your dictionary data?

jdbc - Getting the size (in bytes) of the ResultSet using java code

java - Which Rich Client Platform to use

Java Image messes up when I run the .jnlp file

regex - How do I avoid the implicit "^" and "$" in Java regular expression matching?

java - How do I prevent Hibernate from trimming strings?

java - Why is there a flicker when swapping an inner Panel?

java - How do I get my Threads to not block one another?

java - Is there a way class that extends httpservlet and thread

java - In Eclipse plugins, is there a programmatic equivalence to the markerAnnotationSpecification extension point?

java - Spring @Autowired usage

java - Forcing FileNotFoundException

java - how does one go about copying one xml document's node to another?

serial port - unsatisfied link: SolarisParallel using rxtx to replace java comm api in Windows XP

java - What reasons have people had to write their own classloader

Why catch Exceptions in Java, when you can catch Throwables?

java - Ejb 3, message driven bean cooperating with a stateful session bean?

java - give delay for the batch file to run

c# - What is the preferred method for handling unexpected enum values?

java - Strategy for detecting an object in JTable row?

continuous integration - What is the difference between Hudson and CruiseControl for Java projects?

Generate PCL from PDF in Java

java - What's the motivation for properties?

What is the best way to expose a WCF service so that it can be easily consumed from Java/CXF?

c# - Steps to debug/step through some java code?

java - System.currentTimeMillis() for a given date?

java - What does this mysterious Color Method do? What does it return?

Java: Design with Singletons and generics

java - Component in a JScrollPane stops receiving KeyEvents

A Java Server side (Jsp, velocity, whatever) Calendar component?

Is there a Perl implementation in Java?

java - Server architecture for a multiplayer game?

java - Gameloop for j2me "turn-based" game

java - Using SVN with CruiseControl?

Java Swing custom text JEditorPane

How to fix the size of a Java heap

java - How can I form an ordered list of values extracted from HashMap?

java - Accessing Windows Registry

java - JAXB inheritance, unmarshal to subclass of marshaled class

Why do I get this compile error in Java?

java - Using SiteMesh with RequestDispatcher's forward()

java - Is it possible for JME app to modify default form on your mobile?

64 bit - Does Java 64 bit perform better than the 32-bit version?

java - Is there anything dangerous about using Thread.currentThread.sleep() in my main code?

java - How to get the selected node in the package explorer from an Eclipse plugin

java - Are XML chunks valid?

java - Why is my Panel's repaint not being called?

How should I call a Perl Script in Java?

java - passing test.includes into intellij idea test runner parameters

multithreading - Java Threading Tutorial Type Question

java - j2me - Rotate array of 2d points in 45 degree increments

collections - What is the easiest way to iterate over all the key/value pairs of a java.util.Map in Java 5 and higher?

deployment - How to use sound and images in a Java applet?

java - Apache Commons HttpClient PostMethod support?

java - Simple code to handle JNI exceptions

java - How do I import the Host directive for Tomcat Server.xml from another file?

java - Bean Scripting Framework

Declarative validation of forms in Java/Swing

java - Zombie http.proxyHost settings for JVM on OSX

java - How do I include JavaHelp with my Eclipse project?

Mapping XPath 1.0 data types to java

java - Simulating "faster time" in linux

java - Eclipse: Build and conform to different JRE versions

java - How to change the image of a JButton?

What is the best java image processing library/approach?

macos - drawImage in Java applet flickers in Safari

Do you know of a Java library to access the native linux api?

java - What is the best IDE for developing in Tomcat?

performance - Java real-time service monitoring framework

regex - Java RegExp problem - .*(www).* vs. (www)

java - Is JasperReports the appropriate solution to display reports in a web application?

java - To use nested genericized collections or custom intermediate classes?

java - Should libraries (jar) go into the repository?

java - Locating Serialization Issue in Complex Bean

java - Differences between Ant and Maven

java - What platform would you recommend to develop a SAAS application?

streaming - Java to transcode and manipulate mp3 files

file - Having a lot of trouble deploying a java applet

java - FindBugs not accepting bcel.jar in ANT script

How to calculate java BufferedImage filesize

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java - JSF JSTL problem with nested forEach

java - Has anyone found Garbage Collection tuning to be useful?

java - Best way of subclassing a JPanel in Swing

java - Howto perform a MULTIPLY composite effect using Graphics2D

regex - Java; String replace (using regular expressions)?

reflection - Dumping a java object's properties

compare - In Java what should I use for a PriorityQueue that returns the greatest element first?

java - Why won't my texture show up?

Java: Generics won't work for my method, what else can I do?

java - OptimisticLockException when trying to fetch data from postgreSQL

How do I extract child element from XML to a string in Java?

java - How do I write StoredProcedure sub-classes to call Oracle functions?

java - How to run a NetBeans project in command prompt?

java - "Fixing" the first few columns in an SWT table to prevent them from scrolling horizontally

java - Problem facing while inserting data into dynamically created column of table

algorithm - Where do I find a standard Trie based map implementation in Java?

Overriding Java generic methods

java - How do I implement maven source dependency among sibling projects?

java - Why are interfaces preferred to abstract classes?

java - Most elegant way to clip a line?

java - HttpURLConnections ignore timeouts and never return

algorithm - Java: How to remove elements from a list while iterating over/adding to it

java - Hibernate: Identifier

java - Change the Ctrl + click behaviour on a JTable

java - How to check if a session is invalid

url encoding - How do you unescape URLs in Java?

design patterns - W/o function pointers, what's a recommended way to implement Callback in Java - other than interfaces?

java - How to get the text content on the swt table with arbitrary controls

java - Reading raw data from a video capture in JMF

java - Deploying to OC4j: Unable to find/read file META-INF/application.xml

java - Using a NamedQuery with a composite class

jakarta ee - Scalability of Java EE Application. How would you approach it?

c# - Why doesn't Java have a way of specifying unescaped String literals?

java - Why does a junit test fail in eclipse but pass from ant?

java - How can I handle Castor unmarshaling of SOAP messages when the namespace is defined inside the operation tag?

java - jgoodies bindings + coalescing frequent changes

java - What's the best way of dealing with AWT Graphics contexts?

java - "cannot find symbol variable BufferUtils"

java - Regex for removing comma in a String when it is enclosed by quotes

java - How to convert UTF-8 character to ISO Latin 1?

java - Itext embed font in a PDF

java - How do I set the class path on Linux?

.NET equivalent or alternative to Java's GlyphVector?

java - How to quote "*/" in JavaDocs

java - Handcode GUI or use gui-designer tool

data structures - Efficient persistent storage for simple id to table of values map for java

java - About Hibernate save using Dynamic-Map entity mode

testing - How do I pipe the Java console output to a file?

c# - How does "static reflection" work in java? (ex. in mockito or easymock)

jakarta ee - How can I make a custom resource also be lookuped in glassfish by the java:com/env-scheme?

Java applet white screen

multithreading - Run external program from Java, read output, allow interruption

java - How to create a URL in a servlet?

java - How to minimize question-marks when encoding a String as Latin-1?

java - Detecting change in two consecutive pictures

java - Detaching editor in eclipse

eclipse - Dynamic combo-box list in java swt table

profiling - CPU load from Java

html - Java Applet z-index on Safari and beyond

java - Why am I getting a Hibernate LazyInitializationException in this Spring MVC web application when the data displays correctly?

java - Does DWR support method calls with GET?

How to open a Windows named pipe from Java?

java - What are some faster alternatives to Java2d?

How to extends the class

java - How do I drag and drop a row in a JTable?

Android (Java) network programming resources

java - Selenium fails to kill browser when test fails

image - drawImage() for .png files doesn't work in Java applet?

java - Producing executable jar in NetBeans

java - How to compile and run inter-dependent plugin jars

java - How to deploy an applet?

How do I get Java to use the serial port in Linux?

applet - What to replace this java code with?

java - Creating a process from within an instance of Jetty that was launched from Maven

java - Maven: How to deploy with deploy-file and custom wagon

(Java) Specify number of bits (length) when converting binary number to string?

c++ - Java priority queue

Best way to serialize a C structure to be deserialized by Java, etc

algorithm - Path finding in a Java 2d Game?

multithreading - Java StringBuilder and Thread Safety

java - Get the table name from the model in Hibernate

concurrency - Java: A synchronized method in the superclass acquires the same lock as one in the subclass, right?

java - How do I externalize named queries in a Hibernate annotations app?

java - Array of Strings to an Array of Objects

java - How to use JUnit to test asynchronous processes

java - How can I change the color of a particular element of a HTMLDocument in a JEditorPane?

jstack - Java stack trace on Windows

java - How can I access the ApplicationContext from within a JAX-WS web service?

java - Who has a functional file for building Eclipse 3.5M6 under OS X?

Java Drag and Drop to native os

java - Spring Controller destroy method?

windows - What is a good IDE for Java programming on a low end laptop?

java - How to temporarily disable a message listener

java - How can I select the local interface for an EJB?

java - Could "content" of AttributedString can be saved in file?

xml - Java castor using custom field handlers

java - Can't commit to Subversion from NetBeans

java - Editing a JTable with Vectors

java - How do i print the columns of a JAMA matrix?

translation - Translating Java bytecode into other representations and programming languages

java - Invalid scale size. Cannot be less than zero

java - getClassLoader().getResource() returns null

java - Help with an Exception

java - How can I find all classes on the classpath that have a specific method annotation?

java - GWT-DnD (drag and drop) layout question

java - Best way for many classes to reference a database connection class

java - Jython Netbeans with JavaSE

Dynamically loading a native library inside Java applet

.Net vs Java for mobile development. What's your take?

java - How to get access to the Hibernate Statistics

java - Log4j is hanging my application what am I doing wrong?

Is Java Reflection on Inherited Methods Different in Windows and Linux?

java - How would you change a single byte in a file?

java - Swing: how do I close a dialog when the ESC key is pressed?

oop - Java object reference/scope question

java - Should I make a constants class for my annotations?

java - Using Graphics.copyArea with transparent image

java - How to expose HTTP return (error) codes with JMX?

java - How to configure Hibernate Tools HQL editor in Eclipse with a custom NamingStrategy

algorithm - How to build a Tiled map in Java for a 2D game?

java - Is it possible to invoke methods of a session bean directly after deployment?