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Online compilers/runtime for Java, C++, Python and ObjC?

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Is there a log4j or commons logging extension or other logging framework that is designed for Java 5 or higher?

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Read file from serial port using Java

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Java applet double buffer trouble (and loop trouble)

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Java for C# developers

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Is anyone using Scala in anger (and what advice for a Java programmer)?

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Common format for time zone in Java/J2me

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Generating and Displaying PDF file in Flex/Java

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Gridview like display for hibernate objects in Java?

Should Java treat arrays as objects?

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Java equivalent to WPF

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Good-looking Java Swing Look&Feel?

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How do you clear the Java Console?

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Java: Reading the Trailing New Line from a Text File

Implementation of Xmodem protocol in Java

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java - can't get the classpath right

Convert from Codepage 1252 (Windows) to Java, in Java

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Dot matrix fast printing with precise layout in Java

What's the equivalent C# method to this basic Java method?

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Trouble playing wav in Java

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What will replace Beans Binding in Java 7?

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Java implementation of JSON to XML conversion

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What are the similarities and differences between Java Annotations and C# Attributes?

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Why does my jscrollpane result in odd paint calls in java swing?

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Easy way to get a subset of the keyset of a TreeMap (in Java)

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collections - java.util.ArrayList<T>

java - What's the best way to duplicate/extend a static class's functionality?

javascript - How would I write a Java regex that gets the contents of a <script> tag?

java - JMX Thread stuck on ClientNotifForwarder

class loader: file:/home/aaa/.m2/repository/com/st/module-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar!/com/st/resource (No such file or directory)

Implementing client - masterserver/slaveserver application java

Building a tree in Java

java - Video Streaming Server on Mobile

java - How a servlet can get the absolute path to a file outside of the servlet?

java - Calling a method using reflection

java - Most efficient collection for this kind of LILO?

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext.getELContext()Ljavax/el/ELContext;

java - Weird JUnit logging behavior

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Java's AWT or Swing for GUI construction?

compiler construction - Options for dynamic compilation in Java 5

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Running a Java process in Windows even after the user is logged out

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How to suppress Java compiler warnings for specific functions

Java Swing Table size

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java - Display BMP in JLabel

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java - Custom DateFormats mmm:ss

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What standard optimization refactoring can I do to my Java application?

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What is the difference between passing by reference in Java and passing a pointer in C?

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java - How to grant access for all authenticated users?

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java - Run exe which is packaged inside jar file

Recommendations for a Java library to SMS internationally

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java - String equality vs equality of location

Java Applet - Image Export Performance Issues

Remove end of line characters from Java string

java - Can I inject properties into a JPA Entity Listener

java - What rules are used for type inference when using Generics

Interface naming in Java

httpurlconnection - Java Authenticator on a per connection basis?

What are the OSS .net/java projects which has utilised most SOLID Principles in a rightway?

Mocking a URL in Java

java - Is there a SIMPLE example of How to use buckminster

java - How to instantiate an empty element with JAXB

java - How to convert old data to a new system? using sql or managed code?

java - before Warning login

java - What are the best practices when batch exporting from an application following DDD

io - Convert a StreamWriter to an OutputStream in java?

java - Is a "master preferences" class a good idea?

performance - Know of any Java garbage collection log analysis tools?

Eager java class loading

java - Eclipse RCP: Actions VS Commands

java - How to get the last 25 elements of a SortedSet?

java - Why can't I use my Jython class in an imported module?

swing - Java event handlers

java - Can I change the max-pool-size for connections, and what determines what I should set it to?

java - How to get some interactivity with a JTable

compilation - How to compile single/multiple java files without server restart? Is there any Eclipse plugin for the same?

java - How do I make controls autosizing in Qt designer?

jboss - Clover on Java EE Container

java - Microsoft Intellimouse Scroll Wheel Not Working with Netbeans 6.5 on Vista

java - Permissions checking in server-side API

graphics - Estimate pixels of proportional font in SVG or Java

exception - Java AWT - BufferedImage problems when using J2ME and J9

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Write a firefox plugin and access it from a java application

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In Java, Prevent a field from being changed after being returned by instance method

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How can I get started creating a Java web service?

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Java native array lengths

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Lightweight implementation that supports mark() & reset()

java - How to set a string's color

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java - How do I interpret this JVM fault?

java - cocoon 2.1.x to 2.2.0 migration guide

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How to supply cookie to Java HTMLDocument?

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Java List with blank allowed

What is the best way for Adobe flex to communicate with Java?

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Learn Ajax and Java or rewrite in C#

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Access a SharePoint website from a Java application with Kerberos authentication

Java newbie: Swing and displaying ASCII files

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