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Using Java, How can I get a list of all local users on a windows machine

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c# - Is there any library/framework for undo/redo changes of rows in database?

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Any easy REST tutorials for Java?

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J2ME development without Java?

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java remote desktop

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Simple transparency example not working in Java 3D

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Parsing XML with XPath in Java

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Mercurial API for Java?

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Null \u0000 in Java String?

Setting unicode characters in java frames

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Input and Output Stream Pipe in Java

Simple Java MIDI example not producing any sound

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Data Structure Brushup (Java)

Image transcoding (JPEG to PNG) with Java

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Java Serialization 1.4 vs 1.6

Trustworthy developers writing about both Java and .NET?

method visibility between classes in java

What does Java use to determine if a key is a duplicate in a Map?

Where can I find the following classes in Java

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Fastest way to share data objects between a Java server and a C# client

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Which are the must-have-newsletters subscriptions for .net/java programmers?

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can I reflectively instantiate a generic type in java?

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Corrupt file when using Java to download file

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Plugging in to Java compilers

Is there a general "back-end" library for Java reflection

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Why I cannot cast oracle BLOB from native java Blob

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sorting - Java Bit Operations (In Radix Sort)

java - What (not) to declare when implementing an interface with an abstract class?

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java - Find all unused variable

java - What is the proper way of setting headers in a URLConnection?


java - War-file deployment with shared resources

mixed java version JTable

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Java: split a List into two sub-Lists?

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Java I/O using inpout32.dll

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Approach to convert from org.joda.time.DateTime to java.util.Calendar

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Java: Receive a multipart HTTP response

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Java: handling combined keyboard input

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Why is Java Swing serializable?

What is the best way to convert an existing php class into Java?

Program with C# front-end and Java back-end: Good or Bad Practice?

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On a 64-bit machine is the size of an int in Java 32 bits or 64 bits?

java - When using the latest jdbc driver for SQL Server 2005/2008 how do prepared statements, views, and stored procedures compare regarding performance?

How to save an image-file on server through Java applet?

How to invoke groovy with 'java' from command line

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Full-justification with a Java Graphics.drawString replacement?

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Monotonically increasing time in Java?

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deployment - Dynamic loading of modules in Java

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Java swing UI crash debugging

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Too Little CPU Utilization in Java

Enumerating USB Devices on Windows with Java

Why are local variables not initialized in Java?

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Java decimal formatting using String.format?

junit & java : testing non-public methods

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Regex Named Groups in Java

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Problem with starting OpenOffice service (soffice) from Java (command working in commandline, but not from Java)

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What are some common Java pitfalls/gotchas for C++ programmer?

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Java synchronized static methods: lock on object or class

Converting Oracle Forms 10 to Java

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Creating tables in a MS Word file using Java

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Java sort String array of file names by their extension

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Synthetic Class in Java

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Strategies for the diagnosis of Java memory issues

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Reflection runtime performance - Java vs CLR

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Verify certificate against Java certificate store via CLI

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How to Cross-Compile Java Source Code to JavaScript?

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java - The Google Maps Wikipedia Layer

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Java generics: List<Container<?>> = new LinkedList<Container<Double>>() is prohibited?

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Even easier Java/SQL data transfer needed

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Writing a GIF file in Java

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Detect version of Java using JavaScript

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Is there a CRUD generator utility in Java(any framework) like Scaffolding in Rails?

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Abstract classes and methods in Java, Inheritance

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Storing MATLAB structs in Java objects

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Adding Java packages to GWT

MVC framework for huge Java EE application

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Highest Performance Database in Java

Equivalent code for instance method synchronization in Java

JavaFX is now out: Are Applets and Java Desktop officially dead/dying?

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Need to convert EPS files to jpg/png in Java

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Java Servlet Filter Equivalent in Ruby [on Rails] and PHP?

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the Nice programming language as an alternative to Java generics

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Is there a "Group Box" equivalent in Java Swing?

What's a good Java, curses-like, library for terminal applications?

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How do I set Java's min and max heap size through environment variables?

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Access sound card or OS synthesizer device in Java

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Java method dispatch with null argument

Removing objects from Java Collections

Java Developer looking for a 2nd'ary language to play with

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What is the best ORB for Java/C++ interoperation using CORBA?

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Good tools/frameworks to develop a game server in Java?

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Does Java have native support for events, similar to that of C#?

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