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java - Accessing a "nameless" Jbutton in an anonymous class from another anonymous class?

What is java.awt.Component.getName() and setName() used for?

library for server side image resampling using java?

java - Hibernate returns invalid results with composite key

java - Refactoring static method / static field for Testing

gwt - How to get the number of years between two java.util.Date?

java - Design Pattern to apply conversion to multiple properties in multiple classes

swing - Java actionListener for a nameless JButton?

java - Is JasperReports can be a good replacement for a CGI based web report framework

java - UI diagram layout

sql - Resetting the time part of a timestamp in Java

java - Will setting the only reference to null mean it and its child threads are garbage collected?

java - when does a thread go out of scope?

How do I find the DNS servers in Android from a Java program?

java - Best Collection To Use?

jsp - java web app decorating/includes issues

java - Duplicate spring configurations being loaded?

java - Getting the caller to a Spring AOP Proxy

java - EMMA coverage tool not displaying line-by-line coverage

Java Timestamp valueOf

Passing data from C to Java

database - Homemade vs. Java Serialization

data structures - KDTree Implementation in Java

instantiation - KeyListener in Java is abstract; cannot be instantiated?

java - Where can I find the Maven installation directory in Eclipse 3.4

java - Catching window.print() from SWT Browser

Looking for lightweight java stack for creating SOAP based web services

linux - How to deal with LinkageErrors in Java?

java - Should I expect problems when communicating via RMI between Java5 and Java6?

Last iteration of enhanced for loop in java

java - What Method.isBridge used for?

performance - Accelerate 2D images in Java *without* disturbing JMenus

"Holds value of property" in Java code

java - Importing and using external schema using XML Beans

java - How to create an automated way of monitoring to see if this application is running

java - WebLogic plugin within Eclipse

java - Hibernate transaction problem

java - Audit Schema Mapping with Hibernate and AOP

java - How do I copy built artifact to a directory on remote Windows server in maven deploy phase?

How can I alter the signature of a member function for a derived class in Java

java - How to reinitialize static finals while unit testing

java - When using Eclipse with FindBugs can you mark a bug as not a bug and have it removed from the bug list?

java - Problem with applet loading on Mac OS x 10.4

string - How to rewrite this block of code using a StringBuilder in Java?

java - Getting ClassFormatError with EMMA?

javascript - Does a Javascriptable FTP Upload Java/Flash Applet exist?

java - JPA mapping interfaces

audio - Playing small sounds in Java game

How to disable array bounds checking in opensource Java?

Output RFC 3339 Timestamp in Java

java - Creating friendly urls to dynamic resources in struts2

java - Import package

multithreading - Threading issues in a Java HashMap

How can I change the database schema using a Statement.execute() in Java ( and SQL Server)?

What do I need to write Java-based web applications and test them on my personal computer?

utf 8 - How to convert UTF-8 to US-Ascii in Java

java - How far do you take code coverage?

java - ant filtering - fail if property not set

java - What is the rationale of SwingWorker?

user interface - Alternate Java GUI Frameworks

eclipse - How to identify which lines of code participated in a specific execution of a Java program?

java - Jlabel HTML formatting

java - How can I see if an element in an int array is empty?

Static nested class in Java, why?

java - Jython 2.2.1, howto move a file? shutils.move is non-existant!

java - Jar security

networking - How to get the system HTTP proxy configuration in Java

java - Unit tests vs integration tests with Spring

jvm - General Question: Java has the heap and local stack. Can you access any object from the heap?

java - Chosing a suitable table size for a Hash

java - Not getting the proper size of an ArrayList in JSP

unix - Java memory consumption, "top" and HP-Ux

layout - Changing Keyboard Input language in Java

Java IPC: GUI and Command Line

java - Using PreparedStatement pooling in dbcp

java - What causes duplicate requests to occur using spring,tomcat and hibernate

java - How to tune Tomcat 5.5 JVM Memory settings without using the configuration program

Java to C# Conversion

How to transform a time value into YYYY-MM-DD format in Java?

java - What are your thoughts on method scoped constants?

java - How to prevent a user from seeing previous users' info by hitting the "Back" button

scope - Do you use curly braces for additional scoping?

java - Best way to modularize a block of JSP code

How to avoid, that URL.equals needs access to the internet in Java? - Migrating Java UNO code from OpenOffice 2.4 to 3.0

java - How to use a JDBC driver from an arbitrary location

java - Eclipse Problems View not showing Errors anymore

java - Alternative to deprecated javax.servlet.http.HttpUtils.parseQueryString?

java - How good is FreeBSD as a development platform?

Java - get the newest file in a directory?

java - declare JSP taglib directives in web.xml

RECENT Java References?

Library that subverts java access control and lets me access private member variables?

eclipse - Java - change focus on key press

java - Finding unused jars used in an eclipse project

image - Tiff compression using Java ImageIO

java - Am I missing something, or do varargs break Arrays.asList?

java - How can I programmatically test an HTTP connection?

regex - How do I tokenize input using Java's Scanner class and regular expressions?

Getting a File's MD5 Checksum in Java

Nested Java enum definition - does declaring as static make a difference?

Java and switch case

Java , adding minutes to a Date , weird anomaly

Java: Reading integers from a file into an array

java - How to split a huge zip file into multiple volumes?

java - jboss with less memory

java - Concrete vs. Bounded Parameterized Type when designing a typesafe API

Sanitizing bad XML in Java

language features - Java Private Field Visibility

java - What are your impressions of Maven?

java - Configurable values to MDB annotations

Java: Using generics to implement a class that operates on different kinds of numbers

java - JButton expanding to take up entire frame/container

python - help me translate Java code making use of bytes into jython code

java - Calling a JNI modal dialog disables taskbar icon

java - On using Terracotta as a persistence solution

java - GZip HttpResponse using XSL Transformer

Java: Reading a file into an array

archive - How do I extract a tar file in Java?

How to write a java web service to do remote login?

java - Does file.delete() return true or false for non-existent file?

java - Can we use JMX for Alerts/Notification

How to use generics in a world of mixed Java versions?

How to generate running time graph for my Java program

currency - Representing Monetary Values in Java

Is there a more elegant way to convert an XML Document to a String in Java than this code?

java - A range intersection algorithm better than O(n)?

Why Java programs?

java - Cayenne null pointer error when trying to commit changes

java - ejb3-persistence.jar source

java - Regex to replace all \n in a String, but no those inside [code] [/code] tag

java - How to detect the presence of URL in a string

java - htmlentities equivalent in JSP?

Which are the good open source libraries for Collective Intelligence in .net/java?

java - Hibernate and Oracle native functions

sql - Dates with no time or timezone component in Java/MySQL

java - How do I bind an ArrayList to a PreparedStatement in Oracle?

java - Changing NetBeans UI Look/Feel

java - CyclicalReferenceException while using Betwixt

networking - Java printing directly to a Postscript network printer

jsp - Querying data from Oracle database using java servlet with Netbeans

html - What is the Best method to http transfer a file from the client to a server, in Java 1.5?

multithreading - Firing a mainline event from a background thread in Java

java - How do I override the GenerationType strategy using Hibernate/JPA annotations?

java - Apache beehive and localizing default pager for DataGrid

How to backup ArrayList in Java?

javabeans - Java Beans: What am I missing?

java - Datatype of SUM result in MySQL

java - How Can I Avoid Using Exceptions for Flow Control?

java - XML instance generation from XML schema (xsd)

Image Classification Algorithms Using Java

java - Using javax.naming.spi.DirObjectFactory to lookup objects from an LDAP

java - How does JOGL search for OpenGL libraries?

java - Best way to authenticate users in a web application

java - How to programmatically add portlet to the JBoss Portal dashboard

orm - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException in JPA transaction

java - How does IIS compare in terms of performance and scalability to weblogic and websphere for enterprise web applications?

DOM like API for working with XQuery in Java

networking - Is it possible to create a Java UDP Socket to listen on all addresses?

java - Need for Abstract Class as well as Interface?

java - Making a JDialog button respond to the Enter key

java - Embed XML configuration directly in Spring application context

java - JSF initialize application-scope bean when context initialized

Java: Retrieve this for methods above in the stack

java - Resetting a field lazy-loaded with the double-check idiom

mysql - Wildcards in Java PreparedStatements

java - Multithreaded access to file

java - Can I extract a file from a jar that is 3 directories deep?

java - determining if a file is a link

java - what would make a single task executor stop processing tasks?

Java post-mortem debugging?

c# - How much null checking is enough?

java - Insert a dependent jar into an installer jar

java - Nested Folders in Eclipse Classpath

Native Swing Menu Bar Support For MacOS X In Java

java - Specifying An Alternative JRE In Eclipse For An Application Launched From Eclipse

How to use Java to edit a template document (form letter) from a file?

java - Best way to define true, false, unset state

java - How do I discover the Quarter of a given Date?

python - Is there a library similar to pyparsing in Java?

java - How to use a file in a jar as

regex - Search for a regexp in a java arraylist

jms - Java ActiveMQ client fails to receive messages

java - How do you make a Swing/JFace/SWT GUI addressable?

c# - Implementing a tree from scratch

JAVA: Build XML document using XPath expressions

java - Problems in ClassLoaders for Long running Tomcat process

java - Eclipselink problem in a javase project

java - Opening webdav link with the correct program on client

java - How to inject a Jakarta enums in a Spring application context?

nlp - Fuzzy string search library in Java

java - Tomcat context.xml files, is there a hierarchy?

java - Servlet being called twice!

java - Help I have problem with select query in JPA

Does using final for variables in Java improve garbage collection?

java - Static members need special synchronization blocks?

java - method-invoking Spring bean

java - Generic way to add info to a Throwable without creating a new Throwable

How should I cast for Java generic with multiple bounds?

c# - "The handle is invalid" when running .net console via java

Java Collections (LIFO Structure)

java - Why doesn't this generic interface stack work?

How do I search in files (for example in Java files) in Vista?

java - Hibernate: Automatically creating/updating the db tables based on entity classes

Which data structure would you use: TreeMap or HashMap? (Java)

java - Online exam web application

Matching inexact company names in Java

How do I combine a java.util.Date object with a java.sql.Time object?

java - ActiveMQ web console doesn't work with embedded broker

java - How to check if a variable exists in a FreeMarker template?

java - What security features are available in Struts?

java - How do I perform a Unit Test using threads?

java - Why is it not advisable to use JavaScript in JSP?

java - Is JCE needed if you have LDAP?

java - Collections.emptyList() returns a List<Object>?

java - Need an example of a primary-key @OneToOne mapping in Hibernate

java - Deploying Web Apps as war Files

java - How to get user roles in a JSP / Servlet

java - JUnit gives no information regarding "errors"

eclipse - Whats best way to package a Java Application with lots of dependencies?

How to send html email to outlook from Java

java - Copying listeners/observers in a copy constructor

java - Bug in eclipse compiler or in javac ("type parameters of T cannot be determined")

Is there a .NET analogue for Java app servers?

interface - How do I setup up JFileChooser for single click behavior in java Swing?

design patterns - Polymorphic factory / getInstance() in Java

scripting - JRuby and Java objects

java - Is this a realistic expectation of a distributed mechanism?

performance - Measuring Java execution time, memory usage and CPU load for a code segment

java - Which Tomcat 5 context file takes precedence?

java - When are API methods marked "deprecated" actually going to go away?

java - JInternalFrame Does Not Fully Maximize Under Mac OS X

jdbc - Accessing an SDF SQLServer Mobile file from Java

c# - What Happened To Java (Specifically The Language)?

primitive - Why are there no byte or short literals in Java?

java - Which is a better way to force GC on ThreadLocal instance?

java - Eclipse debug-time classpath problem: How do you include a dependent project's output into a web project's runtime classpath?

java - Persisting Users using Hibernate

How to boost productivity in my Flex/Java stack?

java - lazily compile JasperReports .jrxml to .jasper

java background/daemon/service cross platform best practices

c# - UnitTest how do you organise your testing files?

regex - how to find words within a range in a TreeSet<String> using regular expressions (java)

java - Programmatically marking an Oracle BPEL task complete

java - Bogus Eclipse warning for web.xml: "No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the document."

java - How can I inject a property value into a Spring Bean which was configured using annotations?

applet - how to (simply) generate POST http request from java to do the file upload

java - How can I return to the start of a line in a console?

user interface - Looking for recommendations on open-source Java instrument visualization components

java - What is preferred option for assignment and formatting?

java - SQLClientInfoException / Linux

Vectors in Java, how to return multiple vectors in an object

java - How do I include jars in a groovy script?

java - How can I assemble bits into a long to create a unique ID?

bash - Compiling and Running java in Unix ( coming from Windows )

How do I upload a document to SharePoint with Java?

Is there any (real) Office 2007 look and feel for Java/Swing?

swing - Mix of Arabic and English causes problems in JTextArea (Java)

java - Programming simple drawing application

java - What would be the simplest way to deal with a text file using JSP?

java - difference fn(String... args) vs fn(String[] args)

class - What is the Constant Value of the Underline font in Java?

linux - Does Java work with PCF fonts?

Overloading methods by return type in java

java - What is the best format to use when creating a mail list for use in a Word 2007?

java - Eclipse coding style checks as an Ant Task?

java - Hibernate Annotation Placement Question

inheritance - Java dynamic binding and method overriding

java - Does a call to a threadsafe function need to be syncronized too?

How can I make this java generic cast?

java - Axis2 WSDL2Java : missing no-arg operation in generated stub

What is the Java equivalent of PHP var_dump?

c# - IPC between .NET and Java client applications

java - How can I build an Eclipse plugin outside of Eclipse?

java - TextField "umlauts" are not shown on linux

java - Optional Parameter in MVEL Functions

java - Which language is easiest and fastest to work with XML content?

internationalization - Using font resources for graphical languages in Java 1.4

Best Eclipse version for Java development

aop - Aspect-oriented programming in Java

java - Custom Cursor in a Swing JDialog

java - JDBC built in functions and prepared statements

Secure Java SOAP web service - Active Directory authentication Trust

logging - Java RMI tracing

java - compiling an Eclipse project into a jar

How to launch multiple Java programs with one configuration on separate consoles (with Eclipse)

java - Netbeans and external configuration files

java - Is a good idea to enable jmx (lambda probe) on a production server?

java - Convert PNG to bitonal TIFF

How can I extract java exe to jar

java - Difference between value and itemvalue

java - loadComponentFromURL falls over and dies, howto do CPR?

java - How to set height to the SimpleHistogramBin bin in SimpleHistogramDataset?

java - Disabling 'paste' in a jTextfield

java - JDBC simplified connection

What is the best resizable circular byte buffer available in Java?

java - How to disable a container and its children in Swing

.net - What is the best way to connect to a DotNet web service from java?

api - MP3 Encoding in Java

plugins - "Automatic updates" for Java (desktop) application?

class - I need some help in Undo function in Java

java - Replacement for JWebUnit / HttpUnit

java - Where to put the external jars?

java - Can you set a permanent size for a JPanel inside of a JFrame?

JPA/Hibernate in Java SE 6, Best Practices for data access

grid - Hierarchical table column in Java

command line arguments - Use of -noverify when launching java apps

java - Type-safe varargs method that initialises a Map

java - is there a merged iterator implementation?

Sending email in Java

java - Is there a good NumPy clone for Jython?

java - Where does Eclipse find javac to compile a project?

Interaction between Java and C#

Likelihood of collision using most significant bits of a UUID in Java

java - How do I retrieve an image using iText when the URL has redirects?

Move / Copy File Operations in Java

java - Is primitive assigned a memory address?

linux - Cross-platform way to open a file using Java 1.5

Can anyone quantify performance differences between C++ and Java?

performance - ArrayList vs. Vectors in Java if thread safety isn't a concern

java - Why null cast a parameter?

java - Servlet containers and classpath

jakarta ee - Can jconsole be used with Java EE?

Learning C# from java POV

Which Java IDE is the most RAD in a Delphi-like way?

java - j2me service discovery and discoverable same time

java - Develop app to run natively or go cross platform?

java - The Spring AOP Proxy that isn't

java - Providing a common interface to SVN and CVS

How to launch a file protocol URL with an anchor from Java?

java - Overriding application server behaviour for loading jsp-api and servlet-api jars in a packaged web application

java - Which is the best Maven Eclipse plugin?

java - How to get distinct results in hibernate with joins and row-based limiting (paging)?

oop - Why is using a class as a struct bad practice in Java?

java - Is it necessary for setter methods to have one argument?

java - Oracle table change monitor

java - Dynamic column cell width

java - Reading source code

java - How do I track plugin dependencies in maven2?

compiler construction - Accessing non top-level class without a top level class in Java

What is the 'correct' way to store a native pointer inside a Java object?

java - How to Send Encrypted Emails Programmatically (from an automated process)

stack overflow - Java Stackoverflow Error

browser - How to get rid of the white rectangle flashing that occurs during Java applet loading?

java - How to set Cursor type in JDBC?

java - How to use size of file inside Ant target

java - How to display an array to the user

java - Eclipse: Attach source/javadoc to a library via a local property

java - JFileChooser hangs sometimes

Java still uses system memory after deallocation of objects and garbage collection

java - how many classes per package? methods per class? lines per method?

java - Polymorphism not working correctly

Java concurrency scenario -- do I need synchronization or not?

java - Equality comparison -- any saner way?

What are good docking frameworks for Java/Swing?

java - How could I allow only unique strings in a JList?

HTTP headers encoding/decoding in Java

Different answer when converting a Double to an Int - Java vs .Net

Is Java suitable for "Web 2.0" applications?

java - Encode and Decode rfc2396 URLs

java - Looking for an embeddable SQL beautifier or reformatter

activerecord - What is the best way to implement active record in java?

java - Is there a free (LGPL< BSD, etc. ) RDF editor component for swing?

java - Starting working with Eclipse RCP

java - Hibernate: Parse/Translate HQL FROM part to get pairs class alias, class name

java - Is there a free (LGPL, BSD, etc) implementation of XML editor swing component

java - Can you access EntityManagers from EntityListeners?

java - If construct in hashmap.put call

java - Can I implement HttpSessionListener this way?

java - Grooviest way to store a BLOB in a database?

java - Regex to find an integer within a string

web services - Can a java fixedThreadPool be used by multiple threads

java - ODBC to JDBC datatypes mapping

set - Generating partitions in Java

java - What is JDBC?

encryption - Using java to encrypt integers

java - Why do you subdivide into maven-modules for in-house projects?

c# - How to analyse .exe parameters inside the program?

java - How can I validate parameters without creating a separate dialog?

Reading serial port in Java

java - JBoss Monitoring / Profiling

Java nested list to array conversion

java - Can I store the generics attribute into an object's field

java - Highly unusual situation - Thread blocked on a lock which it is holding?

java - threadlocal variables in a servlet

Java Mobile programming for a beginner, where to start?

java - How to undo changes on JSpinner?

java - caching a tar inside jvm for faster file I/O?

java - Swing app global modal

interop - JavaFX Script and Java

java - Hibernate and Spring transactions - using private constructors/static factory methods

java - Swing JDialog slow when running remotely

java - How to set DPI information in an image?

xml - Java REST client without schema

Java JAXB Pros/Cons and Documentation

java - How does Eclipse debug code in an application server?

soap - What does this Java error message entail? And how can i fix it?

java - Hibernate group by time interval

exception - Best way to return status flag and message from a method in Java

java - Most elegant way to detect if a String is a number?

xml - How to tell Java which StringEscapeUtils.escapeXML() to use?

garbage collection - Java performance with very large amounts of RAM

java - Designing Address validation for app

Parsing very large XML documents (and a bit more) in java

java - How do I handle Microsoft outlook winmail.dat? Any other surprises?

java - How to convert a double to long without casting?

java - Any good ORM tools for Android development?

java - Spring-WS: how to use WebserviceTemplate with pre-generated SOAP-envelope

How do you create (and read) windows shortcut(.lnk file) in Java?

jdbc - Where to close java PreparedStatements and ResultSets?

networking - Identify Bluetooth NetworkInterface from Java?

java - Creating singleton factory

java - Singleton Factory method

java - Options to communicate between WARs in the same EAR

java - Analyze Tomcat Heap in detail on a production System

http - How do I retrieve a URL from a web site using Java?

java - JSF Memory Usage Issue when using using session beans

Is there source code analysis api in .net similar to those in java?

file - Using subclassing to replace a Java class that doesn't implement an interface

Text file split libraries in Java

jakarta ee - What tag libraries you know for Java EE JSP, something like displaytag?

java - Securing ActiveMQ externally by IP filtering

C# equivalent to Java's continue <label>?

.NET equivalent of modern Java web architecture

java - Multiple rows per record in JSF?

java - Putting JVM arguments in a file to be picked up at runtime

java - How to get all Enum values in XMLBeans?

Shortest way to get an Iterator over a range of Integers in Java

java - Is it possible for two ExecutorServices to share a thread pool?

events - Java listener must inherit from java.util.EventListener - why?

java - DataTable containing inputText: is it possible with JSF Custom Component

Running Selenium from a Java process

java - In a class with two timers, do they execute in two separate threads?

java - How to let JAXB render boolean as 0 and 1, not true and false

Convert String from ASCII to EBCDIC in Java?

java - Load Balance in Distributed Project

java - How to synchronize requests for data with data update process?

java - Struts 1.3: How to set a default Locale in a web app?

java - What does "spurious failure" on AtomicInteger weakCompareAndSet mean?

Java Database Poller?

java - How do I include a DTD in an XML file that will be loaded using getResourceAsStream()?

java - XmlTextAttribute and CDATA

binary tree - Java TreeMap sorting options?

math - How do I get whole and fractional parts from double in JSP/Java?

process - path name and arguments of running processes using java code

Why can't my Java program read Perl's STDERR?

Java GUI described in XML

Why can't static methods be abstract in Java?

java - Associate arbitrary data with ejb call context

Building a scala app with maven (that has java source mixed in)

java - Produce a simple Video - uncompressed, frame by frame

java - How to obtain a kerberos service ticket via GSS-API?

Steps in the memory allocation process for Java objects

java - How to configure JAXB so it trims whitespaces when unmarshalling tag value?

fonts - How to get real string height in Java?

java - How do I use Hibernate from an Eclipse Plug-in?

sql - Java: creating a date object from a string and inserting into MySQL

java - what does it mean when a bug doesn't crash the program

java - mssql handles line returns rather awkwardly

java - Replace Temp with Query

synchronization - Java synchronisation poll

java - how to retrieve additional LDAP data fields via Tomcat ( getRemoteUser gives just name)

swing - Java JFrame: howto parse recursively through componets (i.e. if using JScrollPane)

java - Unit testing code that sends JMS messages

Cleanest way to build an SQL string in Java

What is this java.awt.event error?

java - Do I need to free Swing components before letting them get garbage collected?

java - Compile CLASSPATH in a Windows batchfile

java - How to set a breakpoint in Eclipse in a third party library?

C# vs Java generics

java - Unable to parse XML file using DocumentBuilder

overloading - Work around Java's static method dispatching without Double Dispatch/Visitor patterns

java - Mask urls in JSP

java - JSF RichFaces and a dual slider

Write XML file (using XStream) to filesystem in Java

How do I convert an audio stream to MP3 using Java?

core - scrollbar action in java

java - How can I customise the namespace prefixes in Metro/JavaEE auto-generated WSDL?

java - Viewing contents of a .jar file

In Java, when should I use "Object o" instead of generics?

Java 6 JVM Hang

java - How can I capture the output of an Executable in an image?

Parsing XML with REGEX in Java

java - Wicket: How to implement an IDataProvider/LoadableDetachableModel for indexed lists

java - invokeAll() is not willing to accept a Collection<Callable<T>>

Is there any java library for converting document from pdf to html?

java - What is the best cross-browser solution for browser based document signing (w/ digital signature)?

data structures - Reversing a linked list in Java, recursively

Java Timer class says "Timer tasks should complete quickly" , how do we define quickly?

java - Can NovellAuthenticators (LDAP) be add to Weblogic using WLST Offline?

java - Which one is better for schema to code generation, XMLBeans or JAXB?

java - How to generate a signed PDF w/o green checkmark

java - JUnit test with dynamic number of tests

Java Listener inheritance

Java String Parameters

java - How to limit number of rows returned from Oracle at the JDBC data source level?

java - Swing JButton: Icon above Text

java - Access JSTL tag from code inside of forEach loop

xml - Using the Rome Java API to access metadata fields

user interface - Java GUI Creating Components