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Besides dynamic typing, what makes Ruby "more flexible" than Java?

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In the Java Plug-In applet options, what does jar "pre-loading" do?

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bold fixed fonts in Java Swing

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c# - Java Transactions API and .NET System.Transactions

Are Windows Logo (TM) Certified applications harder to write in Java?

java - EJB Transaction Type

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How can I open a UNC path from Linux in Java?

java - MySQL and SQLite differences in SQL

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java - Remove from a HashSet failing after iterating over it

java - pagination in struts

java - No blanks in JTextField

java - How can I configure a Hudson job to use a specific JDK?

java - Why does the debugged program slow down so much when using method entry debugging?

java - Does the super class not call the overridden method?

png 8 - Is there some library in Java to compress Png images like pngout?

java - How can I find the current time as a long in C#?

java - Deploy additional jar file with Maven?

java - Is there an equivalent to the Scanner class in C# for strings?

java - BlackBerry Data Usage

java - Eclipse PDE, Navigator View, TreeSelection - Obtaining the file type and name

java - server configuration questions

java - Annotation ElementType

jvm - Java VMs that do not require an operating system?

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sql - Querying Java Data Structures

Is there Java library or framework for accessing Serial ports?

model view controller - Simple Web Server and MVC framework for Java

unicode - How expensive is java's string encoding conversion?

java - the right way to select monospaced fonts in Swing

java - Validating instances of inner-classes

collections - What's the best way to make this Java program?

nio - Binary search in a sorted (memory-mapped ?) file in Java

java - Why does my J2ME DateField not display the correct date?

Output of java task in Ant

Java URL Connection blank input stream

java - Remove nested test classes with maven2

java - How can I change annotations/Hibernate validation rules at runtime?

java - When are two columns that look the same not the same in oracle?

java - Setting JVM heap size at runtime

java - use of delimiter function from scanner for "abc-def"

java - Is Red Hat's JBoss EAP a fork of the JBoss AS code you get from

java - Loading an .obj with JOGL

java - Differences between JVM implementations

java - How to avoid stale MySQL/Hibernate connections (MySQLNonTransientConnectionException)

java - SQL Server 2000 blocking prevented by running profiler?

java - How to debug JVM resources loading?

How can I save a PNG with a tEXt or iTXt chunk from Java?

java - Math operators in Criteria queries

modeling - Declarative derived properties for mutable models in Java

What is the best way to convert a java object to xml with open source apis

java - iText datamatrix generation problem

What's the upcoming Java concurrency library: jsr166y? jsr166z?

java - How to use @BasicMap for a HashMap whose key values are entities

Java, Make sure a String contains only alphanumeric, spaces and dashes

java - What / where are the required libraries for JSF (specifically javax.faces stuff)

c# - Best practices for using and persisting enums

strange problem with and

java - Importing CSV data with Apache POI

Eclipse class designer and design<--> java source bindings

How much support does GWT have for Java layout managers?

java - Passing variables to the Event Dispatch Thread

java - Accessing properties files outside the .jar?

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java - Autogenerate value objects

java - Has anyone used "GWT Designer"?

java - How do I draw a dotted line from the paint method on a JComponent?

java - Annotation a Map containig a non-entity class in JPA

sdk - Java screen capture applet

java - Where to put global application data in Vista?

Programming with Java for beginners

ant task to copy properties file to their corresponding place in the java build dir

java - Can Hibernate Validator be used as component outside Hibernate?

java - How can I use a custom bitmap for the "you are here" point in a MyLocationOverlay?

java - How to deal with the URISyntaxException

java - Send multiple data in 1 single UDP datagram

java - JBoss Configuration

java - Use reflection to iterate over class members

java - Create an array of JButtons with the Netbeans 6.5 GUI Builder

Construct a SOAP Request to a WebService using Axis2 Library in Java?

process - how to write java program get pid

java - Do I need an AAR file for an Axis web service?

java - ResultSet method "last" is this an optimal way?

design patterns - Java: Dependency Injection on foreign-constructed objects?

java - How to request JVM garbage collection (not from code) when run from Windows command-line

What are the most commonly used Java Frameworks?

java - Are annotations mainly about documenting code or are they enforced by the compiler?

unicode - How to check if a Java character is a currency symbol

java - JUnit test cases- setting up data

Would this be the correct place to use the java keyword "interface"?

Mapping of Oracle Date to Java type to return the number of seconds since epoch?

java - Advice on handling multiple ear deployments into jBoss

java - Querying Terracotta

java - How do you configure Apache Ivy to remove orphan artifacts?

java string to datetime conversion issue

java - JTextArea with strange behaviour when resizing the JFrame

java - Binary Difference in Zip/Jar file

java - Creating immutable objects from javabean

java - StringTokenizer - first string?

java - Arrays in Objective-C main method. Sigserve errors. Newb

user interface - How can I fix a Java-GUI-program (swing), that it works with awesome-wm?

java - Containing drawing to a panel area

spymemcached (Java Memcached Client)

Java Code Use Checker

What sort does Java Collections.sort(nodes) use?

audio - MidiUnavailableException in Java?

Some sort of master page for java servlet using css

java - How does getWriter() function in an HttpServletResponse?

java - Cyclic dependency of two eclipse projects

Java Generic List<List<? extends Number>>

java - Intent of Spring form command

java - Problems Deploy Webservices in oracle Weblogic 10.01

java - RMI-How does passing a remote object through a remote method work?

java - How can I tell which submit button was clicked

java - Autoboxing: So I can write: Integer i = 0; instead of: Integer i = new Integer(0);

licensing - Best Practice: License enforcement for Java Desktop application

How to know whether a file copying is 'in progress'/complete in java (1.6)

java - Server Design and Implementation

java - JSF backing bean structure (best practices)

multithreading - How to deal with java threads

java - Writing to the Eclipse console

java - How do I easily edit the style of the selected text in a JTextPane?

Comparing Character, Integer and similar types in Java: Use equals or ==?

Java programming in SWT

java - Homegrown utility methods

java - Smooth grid movement

java - OSGi Service wrapping a jar

Java Generator for Poisson and Uniform Distributions?

java - Mapping enum to a table with hibernate annotation

Are Java generics mainly a way of forcing static type on elements of a collection?

java - How do I use TestNG with Apache Ivy?

Java Generics With a Class & an Interface - Together

serial port - compare hexadecimal values java

events - How do I handle simultaneous key presses in Java?

c# - How do you write a search function that is easy to comprehend (/maintainable)? Maybe in a modular manner?

java - Implementation of Prim's Algorithm

java - How to connect to HTTPS server using Common Access Card

Printing Multiple PDFs from Java as a single print job (physical printing)

parsing - How can I separate tokens in Java when there are some null tokens

.net alternatives for available java programs

java - How can I print a single JPanel's contents?

Classpath problems with Jini ClassDep, Java's dependency finder

How to save a Java FloatBuffer (or any Buffer) to a file

java - Understanding Goetz's article on Thread safety of HttpSession

java - Why won't my text show up?

java - Set plugin's property on the command line in maven 2

How to save Chinese Characters to file with java?

java - 2d path finding with multiple possible end points?

java - Refactor for loops into function

java - How Do I make dynamic-attributes Work in JSP Tag Files?

jdbc - Load Java classes based on a classpath in a properties file

What's the best way to get up to speed on changes in Java syntax since 2001?

java builds with different JDK versions : same artifacts?

java - In Swing use an InputVerifier to check dates and time

Java alternative to Windows Workflow Foundation

java - Park-Miller-Carta PRNG random generator allways returns 2.33E-10

Java persistence in database

How to determine the date one day prior to a given date in Java?

java - Overloaded constructor ambiguity

Drag&Drop Java/.NET

java - where to put .properties files in an Eclipse project?

How to handle a closing application event in Java?

java - Regex to match from partial or camel case string?

Is "else if" one whole or two separate keywords in Java?

string - Java: Can't get incremented value to print.

java - Running the same JUnit test case multiple time with different data

path - Pathfinding 2D Java game?

Java: Run HTTP server on demand from my app?

garbage collection - Does setting the max memory of a Java program affect the GC?

java - Where is JConsole in Leopard

How to disable Java security manager?

java - Character Encoding Detection Algorithm

Java reflection - access protected field

java - missing resource exception

java - How to display all elements in an arraylist?

java - Eclipse JSP preview

java - How to analyze simple English sentences

How do I include jsp pages in a Java web app without duplicating code?

java - Question about JInternalFrames

java - How to batch delete using bulkUpdate

java - Is it possible to separate totally the HTML/CSS layout from the GWT logic?

multithreading - Multi-threading and Java Swing Problem

java - Do singleton exceptions work?

java - EnumSet for pre-1.5 fake enums?

configuration - Simulate app.config for Java?

java - Application using Pooled JDBC Connections

java - Eclipse : list methods and variables of all classes

operating system - Java runtime vs OS calls

java - Struts Upload Slow Performance

java - Jersey in Tomcat+Spring environment can't find ComponentProvider. Why?

java - How to find out which object currently has focus

java - Can I configure code_swarm to only create the png files sans visual display?

What Java Library can I use to search for colours, with a tolerance, in an image?

Looking for a simple Java API for creating graphs (edges + nodes)

Java Collections API Bug?

java - Aggregation versus Composition

java - Test if object implements interface

java - Which framework should I choose - Seam, Wicket, JSF or GWT?

syntax - Is it possible to make anonymous inner classes in Java static?

Eclipse SWT - Java Programming Dilemma

java - Why doesn't this for-each loop work?

networking - Why am I getting an error when I try to run my socket program in Java?

java - Setting the a Property to what maven.compile.classpath Contains WITHOUT Ant

java - Different views with Spring's SimpleFormController

java - How can I hide a CTabItem in a CTabFolder

security - Securing java runtime data on an untrusted client

java - JSP or JavaScript equivalent to PHP's $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]?

jsp - Are Java web frameworks really worth the hassle?

java - How to go about "Calling home" in minimalistic way?

java - Why are there so few open source GWT apps?

java - Why am I getting this UnsatisfiedLinkError with native code?

java - jQuery is adding servlet name twice to URL

java - Reflection and multi dimensional arrays

email - What is the best Java-based Mailing List application allowing opt-in/opt-out

security - How best to sanitize input in Java webapp

java - Die you threadpoolexecutor

java - How to get SelectableChannel from an InputStream?

java - Displaytag library - detecting a paging request

What does CMS mean in relation to Java's Garbage Collector?

java - HQL: How to sort list of objects on property of mapped composite element

multithreading - Simplest way to stop all java threads from disappearing into IO?

java - How do I design a sub class with features not available in the base class?

java - Can JAX-WS be used to let a server execute web service calls on a client?

java - How can I set RenderingHints globally?

formatting - Java: Currency to Locale Mapping Possible?

How much of the Java SE api is written in Java?

java - How do I change the JRun Session Timeout?

java - What is a "driver class"?

string - How to refactor, fix and optimize this character replacement function in java

optimization - Java: which is faster overloading or if/else

java - Portal/portlets programming - portlet linking/page flow

Grab random frames from video & make a gif image - Java

Fastest way to compare two data structures in java

Eliminating Javac warnings for JSPs in Jasper generated Java source files?

Vast difference in Java Performance from 1.4 to 1.6

How to implement a method to return Iterator of files recursively in Java

java - Multiple animated JPanels - only last one added to JFrame is displaying

java - How can I build a GWT Loading Dialog?

Vista glass border effect in Java Swing/AWT

How do I put a Java app in the system tray?

java - BOF at Spring One

Enumerating attached DVD drives in Linux / Java / Scala

c++ - Learning OpenGL through Java

How to learn AJAX using jQuery in a Java web app

exception - Is there anything like ELMAH for Java?

java - How to use the "application" object in a Servlet?

Java Performance Degradation on removing locks

java - How to fetch data from a Microsoft Access database through JDBC and insert the table as a test field in an Applet

xml - Bean merging in java

java - hibernate hbm2hbmxml

Easy to learn 3D IDE for Java

java - How to be able to extract comments from inside a function in doxygen?

java - log4j configuration via JVM argument(s)?

Consistency of hashCode() on a Java string

java - SWT: Getting notified of a system device change (USB device connection / disconnection)

Java mail problem with Turkish characters

java - BlazeDS and ArrayList of custom objects

java - Is there a good alternative to javax.imageio out there?

java - Casting a Object to HashMap

java - OutOfMemoryError - why can a waiting Thread not be garbage collected?

java - javax.comm: Error when device is disconnected

web applications - Product browse in Java Servlets

multithreading - How can I implement a threaded UDP based server in Java?

java - Any open source implementations of WS-DM working with JMX?

java - Openoffice3/jodconverter stopped working

java - Connecting to MS SQL Server with JRuby

serialization - What is Object serialisation?(Java)

QuickTime for Java vs. iTunes DRM

Accents in file name using Java on Solaris

Java and SEO URLS

java - Hibernate polymorphism: instantiating the right class

sockets - Examples of Java I/O Stream Filters

Getting XML Node text value with Java DOM

swing - suggestions for declarative GUI programming in Java

java - What is the proper way to configure SMTPAppender in log4j?

java - Qt best choice for animation on embedded?

java - Do you know of any JNI wrapper toolkits or libraries that wrap common linux OS APIs?

java - JPanel Margin in BoxLayout

java - How do you set the tab size in a JEditorPane?

java - HTMLDocument: does Swing "optimize out" span elements?

Can I connect to a Java API with C#?

Inserting a Java string in another string without concatenation?

java - Make a button round

java - IDE plugin's for developing multithreaded network applications

java - EHCache doesn't seem to work

java - Selection Path of a JTree

java - What language / platform would you use for a shareware / freeware desktop application?

what are the differences of Inheritance & java Beans?

java - Hibernate 2nd level cache

Java - local class and generics, why compiler warning?

java - Getting directory path to .class file containing main

java - getBytes vs getBinaryStream vs getBlob for getting data out of a BLOB column

java - Suggestions for Stress Testing BlazeDS

java - Streaming Data through Spring JDBC, unknown length

java - How to determine tomorrow's date in J2ME for use in a DateField?

java - Code generation in Maven

Ugly looking java data structure

java - Force invocation of base class method

how do you make getResourceAsStream work while debugging Java in Eclipse?

java - PDF Text Extraction Approach Using OCR

java - IllegalArgumentException: object is not an instance of declaring class

java - Reloading a JTree during runtime

java - Struts 2: parameters between Actions

Java Graphics cannot change Font

regex - Why doesn't this Java regular expression work?

java - Storing UUID as base64 String

java - Creating animated GIF with ImageIO?

Multiple java Applets handling

java - How to start using and developing on Ubuntu Linux?

java - Why does this code compile and run successfully it seems it should get an index out of bounds

Java socket program unable to read large amount of data at a time

Programmatically calculate memory occupied by a Java Object including objects it references

Postgres + Hibernate + Java UUID

object - the get() function for java hashmaps

java - How to escape-html in JSP before saving to database?

multithreading - Call repaint from another class in Java?

java - spring MVC sample web app

Why is it important to understand the difference between reference types and primitive types in Java?

java - Turn commandline input into an array

Trying to play music in Java ME, but I get an Exception "Incompatible Types"

java - Usage of ICEFaces push technology

java - webservice: error in code or connection

java - Making this code for image resize() work

awt - Simulate a key held down in Java

java - Use external Bundle-Localization path in MANIFEST file

java - proper usage of synchronized singleton?

client - Streams in java

spring - What is the best Java-way to create JSON/XML REST Web services that is similar to WCF?

c# - Exception Driven Programming in Java

java - My code compiles in Eclipse but I get a ClassNotFound at runtime how can I fix it?

java - 3d draw, setting perspective point, setting view point!

java - "Island of isolation" of Garbage Collection

regex - Why do regular expressions in Java and Perl act differently?

java - I need to perform a task when the Quartz scheduler is shutting down

What is a good open source Java SE JTA TransactionManager implementation?

java - How to improve the performance of Client-Server Architecture Application?

macos - Events For Window Dragging in Java

java - What tactics can I use to prevent users from discovering what language a website is written in?

java - noob project to learn Spring/Hibernate

java - Popular JSP/Servlet/Portlet Error Log Viewer?

java - Logging JPA SQL with Weblogic 10.3

java - Getting the real (virtual) host name under an application server

java - .PRN file generation

servlets - How do I repopulate a form using Java?

java - Relaxer or JAXB for XML->Object Model?

java - Static vs. instance method for shared use

java - Are there any other open source JCE libraries besides BouncyCastle?

java - Is it possible to include JButton in a JTable?

java - File.toURL() deprecated?

how to do actors (erlang) in java?

java - Time restricted service

Can i get the execution trace for a test case for a java program?

java - Reimplementing the "ToneMatrix" audio toy

java - create a war file

tcp - How to use markSupported feature of inputstream java

java - Secret Handshake Anti-Pattern

What's the right way to import Java source into Eclipse to avoid messing up references?

Is Quercus a viable replacement for PHP in Java environments?

java - How to convert from TimePrimitive to int?

java - How good is the JVM at parallel processing? When should I create my own Threads and Runnables? Why might threads interfere?

java - IDE plugins for developing JMX Model MBeans

io - How do you merge two input streams in Java?

database - Java, Code Generation, and Persistence Frameworks

java - How to design an object which can be one of two types?

How to add namespace to an xml file using java program

java - How can I configure hibernate to use context-specific connection information?

java - Pagination through Struts2 using DisplayTag Library Framework

multithreading - java thread terminating early and suspiciously

java - Eclipse plugin to roll up if and for?

java - Organizing files in "buckets"

java - JarScan, scan all JAR files in all subfolders for specific class

java - Using CheckStyle in NetBeans and configuring the CheckStyle rules

Using java, how do you get the amount of free space on a solaris zfs file system?

php - Uploading a Java Applet into a webpage

Java to JSP. How to?

java - Clear HTTP Session

reference - Are there any alternatives to implementing Clone in Java?

jvm - Java 32-bit vs 64-bit compatibility

java - Display 100000 records on browser / multiple pages

Java: fillings two vectors and sorting them

java - What are the licence restrictions for the RxTx Library

java - How to add total page number on every page with iText?

java - DataNucleus: How do I automatically perform actions when commiting a transaction?

Java bytecode equivalents for ilasm / ildasm

java - Criteria to Evaluate Business Rules Engines

java - Where is the "work" directory located for a Tomcat instance running in Eclipse?

java - How do I write a custom converter in Spring Web Flow 2?

types - How to read negative byte values in Java less than -128

java - POI 3.2 Image Height/Width controlling

java - Problem in accessing a mapped network drive

java - Remove border from JComboBox

installation - What are good InstallAnywhere replacements for installing a Java EE application?

java - Do objects encapsulate data so that not even other instances of the same class can access the data?

java - Technologies required to build an end to end web application?

Question about Java regex

How can I have folds for C++/Java in Emacs?

java - Creating an Array of JLabels

python - Pylons or TurboGears vs. .NET or Java

java - Is Apache XML security library compatibile with IBM's JDK

java - Hibernate using JPA (annotated Entities) and liquibase

java - I have a problem with display link

Lombardi Java API

Cross-language configuration for Java or .NET

java - Why is String's format(Object... args) defined as a static method?

Confused by Java generics requiring a cast

java - Why can derived classes only sometimes have specialized types in overridden methods?

syntax - In Java, how do I access the outer class when I'm not in the inner class?

openssl des3 decrypting in java

java - How do I convert multiple png images to a single tiff file

java - How to Use getViewableIterator in POI

java - Process not found when running from getRuntime.exec() from the JVM

user interface - Adding Java GUI component on Mouse Event

java - Why is my NullPointerException not being caught in my catch block?

How to fetch current year and month from MySQL in JAVA?

java - Why and how does ROUND_HALF_EVEN minimize cumulative error when applied repeatedly over a sequence of calculations?

Dragging handle in Java Swing

opengl - Java jogl applet paint not working?

How to read to inputstream in tcp socket communication for multiple formats in java

Free C/C++ and Java implementations of PPP?

What's the best way of learning iPhone programming when coming from Java?

java - DTO, DAO, and DCO. What is a DCO?

output redirect - How to execute system commands (linux/bsd) using Java

c# - Comment the interface, implementation or both?

Java WebStart: <property ...> ignored when using <extension>?

java - Background Thread for a Tomcat servlet app

java - Jpanel Printing on PersonaC30 card printer

java - Getting the absolute path of a file within a JAR within an EAR?

How to get the Java syntax correct?

collections - Java Sorting object in ArrayList

java - Where do you put your SQL Queries?

java - How to copy an AcroForm using iText?

Java Plugin Pattern

Monitoring system resource use for Java

java - using abstract keyword in interface

java - How can I simulate a socket disconnection (on windows) between a client and a server?

java - XMPP Client incompabilities

java - Creating a factory for which can support both real object & a NullObject

java - Passing a reference to a (large) data area across a socket

socket programming in Java

swing - how to get the PageFormat from a Java.awt.print.PrinterJob

How do I Use "Multiple" SSL certificates in Java?

java - Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: "org.eclipse.jface" when using Checkstyle Plugin

java - JasperReports PDF. & character causing trouble

java - How can I write DAOs for resources with extensible properties?

java - Alternative to JFileChooser

layout - Fixing flowlayout in Java

How do I check if an object given to me is an int [] in Java?

java - Removing the CENTER element from a JPanel using BorderLayout

java - struts2.xml - can't include other .xml file

java - swing editor ui for applicationContext.xml beans?

optimization - BigDecimal: Can the Java compiler optimize away multiplications by 1?

java - Is there a way to make an ANT task run as Administrator in Windows Vista?

java - How should I handle exceptions when using SwingWorker?

web applications - Best open source Java library to incorporate Facebook functionality into a Java web app?

collections - Cons'ing a List in Java

operating system - Creating a Hard Link in java

Is there any Python-like interactive console for Java?

Differences between Java and C# and .NET

java - Spring MVC controller HTTP GET query parameters

java - Repopulating database driven textbox on form

Most efficient data structure to represent threaded comments in Java?

Can one obtain actual stack size used by a thread in Java after some time of running?

types - Java: double vs float

java - API to edit web.xml from Eclipse plugin?

java - Can a datefield be set by a string value in J2ME?

Where to look for open source Java libraries?

multithreading - Java thread wait and notify

java - how to convert string into time format and add two hours

java - How to customize series fill in area chart via BIRT chart API?

java - disable value in s:select

java - Can I Determine the Set of First Chars Matched by Regex Pattern?

java - How to get rid of maven snapshot versions