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i want a java editor with embedded compiler and work under linux and did not require a a big amount of ram

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Custom ID in session handling by Java Servlet API

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Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1

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Write dpi metadata to a jpeg image in Java

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Logging PreparedStatements in Java

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What are the benefits of Java?

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How do I permit my Java applet to use MySQL?

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How to close a Java Swing application from the code

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Check LDAP connection (Java)

Unable to change font in java.awt.MenuBar

Jython and Java nested class

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Java Generics Syntax for arrays

Tips for using Vim as a Java IDE?

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What do I need to know to make a Java application that uses a database?

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Geographical position from Java mobile application?

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What is the best way to interface C# and Java?

Advanced Java Generics question: why do we need to specify redundant information

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java - JSTL forEach tag: problems with enumeration, and with understanding how it should work

How to go about web service security in Java

What package naming convention do you use for personal/hobby projects in Java?

java - JSF & Facelets Flow

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java - Message delivery when user is offline

java - Unsupported protocol: jndi with Websphere 6.1 when trying to access a file as a resource

java - Is there a performance difference between a for loop and a for-each loop?

java - RMI server picking up an old ip address

Groovy in Ant build.xml (with Java classes)

restart - restarting a java console application

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java - Log4j Logging to a Shared Log File

multithreading - Stopping a Thread in Java?

java - Comparing hibernate-mapped dates?

java - Polymorphism in JAX-RPC web services

java - JTextArea in vi mode

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Why does this regular expression kill the Java regex engine?

standards - java: what are the best techniques for communicating with a batch server?

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How do I turn a String into a InputStreamReader in java?

data structures - Where to get more information on Dictionary ADT and Skip List for Java?

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Java Alert Framework

java - spring and interfaces

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operating system - Best OS for java development?

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What do you need to do Unit testing in Java with Eclipse?

What's a good way to teach my son to program Java

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Encoding conversion in java

Is there a Newline constant defined in Java like Environment.Newline in C#?

java - How do you run Lucene on .net?

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jvm - Which library/program can be used to generate Java-bytecode?

java - Best way to select out of millions of rows in an Oracle DB

java - Why does byteArray have a length of 22 instead of 20?

java - Fastest way for doing INSERTS using IBATIS

java - indispensible JSP tag libraries

java - What would be the best way to match up two object instances between two different applications in a J2EE server?

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java - Hibernate CRUD à la Ruby on Rails' Scaffolding

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Java <-> Javascript for non-Applets?

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Which is the best JSON rewriter for Java?

java - differences between 2 JUnit Assert classes

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How do I programmatically determine operating system in Java?

java - Display chinese characters in AJAX and also in excel

java - Running Eclipse Junit Plugin tests with Junit 4.4 or newer -- why aren't tests detected?

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How to convert TIS-620 string to UTF-8 string in Java?

java - Is there a way to separate long running (e.g. stress tests) out so they're not run by default in Maven 2?

java - Referencing existing SWIG wrappers when creating new ones

java - How do I combine multiple BIRT reports

What are the best Java social networking frameworks?

generics - Java Class Type

java - What is the best way to parse a date in MM/DD/YY format and adjust it to the current / previous century?

Java - C-Like Fork?

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java - QueueConnectionFactory for WebSphere MQ

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java - Using ActiveMQ 5, is it possible to configure the broker with in memory and network connections?

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java - EJB3 Business Logic Patterns & Practices

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Introducing generics to Java code without breaking the build

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xml - Web Services in Java

web services - Using complex data types from Java in Axis webservice

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How can I call .NET code from Java?

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How to get common Subclasses of 2 Interfaces in Java with Eclipse?

synchronized - Java Web Application Sync Question

java - Is it possible to upgrade the DB schema with EJB?

java - Examples for creating stub data structures with dynamic JVM Languages?

web applications - Is there a tool to generate web pages based on Java beans?

java - Erlang JInterface - is OtpMBox thread-safe?

File Upload with Java (with progress bar)

java - How to determine the version of oc4j being used?

java - Beanshell catch(ex): Exception or Throwable?

Using Java 6, on linux how can I make sure to use an ipv4 socket?

Get Drive Size in Java 5

api - JavaFX and Java Interoperability

sockets - Java control IP TTL?

java - jdbc: when can i close what

What are your efficiency gains by removing XML in java projects?

java - Date time parsing that accepts 05/05/1999 and 5/5/1999, etc

image - How to get color space of a jpeg/tiff in java?

reflection - Is something similar to ServiceLoader in Java 1.5?

java - Button text in JTable renderer not visible. Why?

java - JAX-RPC, Spring web services, and UnsupportedOperationCallException

.net - msvcr71.dll file missing on Win Vista when trying to run my java swing application

java - How do I pass model data beween a view state and action state in Spring Web Flow 2

java - Getting Netbeans and Subversion to play together nicely with libraries?

Why is SomeClass<? super T> not equivalent to SomeClass<T> in Java generic types?

java - JVM terminates when launching Eclipse MAT on Mac OS with J2SE 6.0

java - How to automatically copy data to new RMI threads?

java - Bus or listeners/delegates in client-side Swing application?

java - Is there a way to hide Maven 2 "target/" folder in Eclipse 3?

java - Any disadvantages to using spring to separate tests and data?

java - HashSet.remove() and Iterator.remove() not working

hibernate - Java Application Server Performance

Java PDF viewer with FDF

java - How do I assemble a console application with Maven without unpacking all dependencies?

How difficult is it to turn a "Java School" programmer into a C or C++ programmer?

java - Make a Perl-style regex interpreter behave like a basic or extended regex interpreter

java - How JPA (Hibernate) deal with transaction when fetching Object from database

java - How do I auto load a database jar in Groovy without using the -cp switch?

StAX XML formatting in Java

java - Jetlang PoolFiber sample

java - Refactor this recursive method?

java - JSTL, Beans, and method calls

Java application failing on special characters

java - Persisting using hibernate/JPA

java - How to set the working directory for a <junit> task to something other than the basedir?

DBus-Server in Java?

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How do I read the PAN from an EMV SmartCard from Java

Describe the architecture you use for Java web applications?

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java - Correct approach to Properties

java - Map of collections

Java System.currentTimeMillis() equivalent in C#

java - Finding out which methods were changed by a checkin?

java - Which class invoked my static method?

inheritance - Would syntax for composition be a useful addition to Java?

java - Unresponsive KeyListener for JFrame

swing - Sliding Notification bar in java (a la Firefox)

Java RMI not closing socket after lease expiration

jsp:forward in Java without using JSP tag?

java - Locales and ResourceBundles in a plugin-based program

Java SE 6 vs. JRE 1.6 vs. JDK 1.6 - What do these mean?

java - Should javac find methods outside of an anonymous class of the same name?

Is there a database modelling library for Java?

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java - Which library should I use to write an XLS from Linux / Python?

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java - Array as the options for a switch statment

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Retrieving records from MySQL in Java

java - How to determine database type for a given JDBC connection?

How to browse for a file in java swing library?

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Convert Word doc to HTML programmatically in Java

NoClassDefFoundError while trying to run my jar with java.exe -jar...what's wrong?

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Inserting text into an existing file via Java

What's the difference between JavaScript and Java?

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